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Friday Funnies: Web 2.0 Logo’s

I came across Martin Hardee's post on Sun's Customer Experience Blog, where he's posted a collection of Web 2.0 logos.

Here's my list of the Top 5.









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Don’t Forget the Images and Video

In his January video marketing piece, Tom Tsinas reminded us of the importance of incorporating images, audio, and video into our content. He wrote: "As search engine marketers, we all know that content is king and that content is more [...]

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Google Audio Ads Screenshots

Recently Google has invited us to participate in Google Audio Ads. Here are some screenshots.



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It’s An Ad, Ad, Ad, Ad World

On the heels of the Google Doubleclick story, and the Google Clear Channel story and the Yahoo print story and the ebay TV story and the Spotrunner tv story and the...

Well, you get my point.

Onilne advertising is only beginning to [...]

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Madison Avenue and Silicon Valley; Google and The Superbowl

Or, why can't we all just get along?

Is it just me or is there a big disconnect in the advertising world of late? I'm speaking of both online and offline advertising.

Take, for instance, Google. Isn't it a little [...]

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Avatar advertising gone wild

Have you looked at DP (Digitalpoint) threads lately? If so, you may have gotten confused about why so many avatars all look the same. Why are there nearly 250,000 posts showing SiteSift avatars? Well, that's because Stuart [...]

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Internet ad pricing tools

Update: Years later, let me add my own ad rate calculator to the list below.

Occasionally, I see people asking how much they should charge for either text links or graphic ads on their site. Frankly, there really isn't a [...]

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Yahoo! overhauls online advertising program

Everyone and his brother is reporting about this today, but it is time that we over-report the things that Yahoo! and MSN do, to counter-balance all the over-reporting of things that Google does. Hence, I'm reporting on this, even [...]

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Ask Jeeves launching own ad network

I love it when search engines decide to dump their big brother partners and foray into their own space. Ask Jeeves will be launching their own advertising network mid-August. They will still display Google ads, but below their [...]

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