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How To Improve Your Email Campaigns Using Analytics

Around 250 billion emails are sent each day. In order to stand out from the crowd, your email marketing campaign really needs to grab the attention of your audience. There are several methods to do this – a while ago [...]

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How To Build Emails That Resonate With Millennials

Whether they’re on your marketing radar right now or not, Millennials should still receive some of your attention, since they will soon become the majority audience for everyone. A lot has been said in recent years about who [...]

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5 Common Email Marketing Issues (& How To Solve Them)

Email marketing is an instrument that helps your business stay in touch with your clients, keep them informed, force to visit your website, go to the offline store, and/or participate in an event you’re organizing.

From our [...]

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5 Ways To Improve Subject Lines [An Analysis Of Nearly 27,000 Emails]

One of the biggest weapons content marketers have at their disposal is email.

Compared to Facebook and Twitter, email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers, and more than 70 percent of consumers prefer to receive promotional content via [...]

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Can Email Marketing Impact Organic Rankings

In August 2015 Google was awarded a patent that would enable it to take metrics from its email services, most prominently Gmail, and use information gathered from its spam filters to improve its web search results.

The idea in [...]

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Semantic Email Marketing Using Schema Markup

  Email marketing has been one of the best weapons for internet marketers that generates the highest ROI. It delivers well both in terms of customer acquisition and retention. Now, you can seamlessly integrate the Schema.org markup in your [...]

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How To Turn B2B Lead Nurturing Into Sales: Your Complete Guide [25+ Resources]

According to Hinge Research Institute, businesses that generate 60% of their leads online are two times profitable compared to those generating less than 20% of their leads online.

I've been reading extensively about B2B Lead Nurturing best practices. The more I [...]

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How To Get Started With An Email List

Choosing a provider should not be based on price but on needs. The reality is that most email autoresponder services are priced so competitively that price doesn't matter. Don't go with a free service though.
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Email Marketing: How to Get Started in 1 Day

Email marketing is incredibly effective, we all know that. But how do you get your own campaigns up and running without investing bunches of time and energy?
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Get More Email Lead Capture With These WordPress Plugins

I bet you have heard it before: you need to capture emails from your blog visitors. It is the most effective way to implement your marketing plan. For many of us bloggers, 80% of visitors pop by once and never [...]

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