Essential differences between working in-house for a merchant or alone as an affiliate

Google Offers does Groupon: can they replace it?

Email Marketing: Buying, Building, Doing

by Gabriella Sannino May 31st, 2010

Most business owners try to find creative ways to stimulate their bottom dollar. Usually, they do what is most comfortable, which is what they know best. However, if what youre using isnt giving you the results you need and want, the only way to grow is by trying something new. Have you considered email marketing? […]

How To Totally Screw Up An Email Campaign

by Donna Fontenot November 24th, 2007

Want an example of how to totally screw up an email campaign? Just tick off the people you send the email to by misidentifying them as someone else, and then make them laugh because your offer is ridiculous anyway. Check out this email (with URLs changed because I don't want anyone getting any kind of […]

Canadians change hair colour before email

by Ruud Hein May 28th, 2007

Time and time again we're putting the same argument forward in e-commerce conversations: "…because Canadians are loyal." Still, it took us by surprise too that Canadians are almost twice as likely to change the colour of their hair (45%) than to change Hotmail address (23%). Extremely long customer retention periods are the result, no doubt helped […]