How to Deal with Google Encrypting All Keyword Data

by Zain Shah November 5th, 2013

Has Google's recent announcement of encrypting all keyword data caused you to have sleepless nights? You are not alone. The latest breaking news (along with Hummingbird and Penguin 2.1) has caused quite a stir in the on-line marketing community. There have been talks of Google's high handedness in making life for SEO experts almost impossible. [...]

Every marketer understands that building a strong and consistent flow of new prospects requires a multi-channel approach. Like an investment portfolio, diversified marketing hedges against risk because it doesn't depend on one tactic to return huge dividends. Content discovery is one such hedge. It works by capturing visitors who didnt find you first through search [...]

Get more benefit from your content marketing campaign by applying these 7 tips.

Five Key Determinants Of Digital Marketing

by Stephen Moyers October 25th, 2013

Digital marketing is cornering the market of business promotion and brand creation, in a very little time. This is especially in the time when everyone, from a small enterprise owner to a CEO, is striving hard for gaining business profitability. Digital marketing is the new way where the customers are already keeping engaged as participants [...]

7 Data-Driven Ways to Use PPC for Inbound Marketing

by Robert Brady October 23rd, 2013

If you're producing great content you're establishing credibility and starting a relationship. But how can you leverage PPC to improve your inbound marketing? Here are a few ways: Test Headlines — That awesome content piece needs an awesome headline. Find out what your target market responds to by writing 3-4 ads, each with a different [...]

The outreach's endgame: the 3 outreach activities.

  How good is your inbound marketing campaign? Are you reaching the goals you've established? Is it producing results? Are you attracting and converting leads? These are the kinds of questions you need to be able to answer. Fun Fact: Almost 35% of businesses cannot or do not calculate ROI in 2013 (HubSpot) End-to-end ROI [...]

Social media can be highly effective for driving significant traffic to your website, building credibility through social validation and managing your brand's reputation online. And for your inbound marketing campaign, it's a central component of promoting your offer, blog posts and other content in order to gain visibility and attract the right kinds of prospects. [...]

  Blogging is a simple element that can have a major impact on the performance of your inbound marketing campaign. If you doubt the legitimacy of this claim, consider these statistics from Hubspot: 82% of marketers who blog see positive ROI for their inbound marketing 43% of marketers obtained a customer via their blog this [...]

Email is a major aspect of inbound marketing. It is essential to any automated workflow and it gives you the opportunity to promote your offer to a highly-targeted audience. I can sense raised eyebrows as I write this, so let me qualify what I've said. There is a lot of debate around whether email marketing [...]