Any marketing campaign has to be developed with a target audience in mind. Your inbound campaign is no different. Clearly identifying your target buyers is an essential start to your overall inbound strategy; everything is built out from that point. Paint a picture of you ideal customer(s): Who are they? What are their major concerns […]

Inbound 2013: SEP's Top 5 Key Takeaways

by Daniel Kosir September 16th, 2013

Come together. Get Inspired. Be Remarkable. That was the tagline for Hubspot's Inbound Marketing Conference, recently held in Boston. With keynote speakers like Arianna Huffington (AKA The Huff) and Seth Godin (AKA GODin the flesh – get it?), it was an opportunity we simply couldn't pass up. Here at SEP, we are fiercely passionate about […]

  This is Part 1 of a 9-part series on The Key Elements of an Inbound Marketing Campaign. Keep your eyes open for Part 2: Develop Buyer Personas. You can't afford to have reservations about inbound marketing anymore. While a fairly new concept, inbound marketing is gaining unbelievable traction and producing measurable results, and for […]

5 Quick Tips for Local Inbound Marketing

by Paul Richardson September 10th, 2013

Inbound marketing is quickly becoming a very popular marketing strategy. This is because inbound marketing continues to prove to be a very effective marketing strategy. Inbound marketing can be especially effective for smaller local businesses and here are five quick tips on how to do it effectively. 1. Maintain a Blog Maintaining a blog is […]

I don't know about you, but nothing frustrates me more about good advice than the fact that I don't often take it. Sure, I try to make good choices, but other demands so often win. Is that the case with your content marketing? Everyone's talking about it, but you're not doing it? Well, you're not […]

Good outreach needs a plan. You have to engage your audience with a strategy. Often this makes engagement challenging and very time consuming, but the reward is also far better. As a small business owner you're probably going to do most of the work, so in this article I'll show you how to develop a […]

If you're reading this, you're bound to have one goal in common. Whether you call it inbound marketing, content marketing or any other marketing under the sun, the ultimate goal is to attract the attention of an audience. Photograph by PV KS via Flickr How this happens can take many shapes and forms, with some […]

When Is It Time to Refresh Your Website?

by Michelle (Corsano) Pellettier August 15th, 2013

Your Website is the Anchor Leg The very first website was put back online in April to commemorate the Web's 20th birthday. Tim Berners-Lee invented the Web in 1989 at CERN, the European nuclear research and particle physics laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland. The Web became public in August 1991 while the technology was made available […]

You Need Inbound in your Search Marketing

by Anthony Contoleon August 15th, 2013

There are a number of very good reasons why Search Marketing is practically made for inbound marketing. For a start, search starts with the user's own interests. They are the ones that create the search query. However marketers still get to create the destinations. Inbound marketing works when those doing it provide the users with […]

Yes, this is another inbound marketing post. But wait – before you roll your eyes let me stop you. I'm not taking sides here. To be honest you can call your marketing whatever you want just so long as you're taking a holistic customer-centric view of your marketing and engagement efforts we'll be all right […]