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Lead Nurturing: How to Grow Your Business

Lead nurturing is the acknowledgement of, and investment in, new and existing business opportunities with the intention of developing a loyal following and encouraging repeat business.

This kind of relationship marketing relies on a solid understanding of your target market and […]

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Four Ways to Improve Your Integrated Marketing Campaign

If there is one thing well known brands have in common, it is that they have a strong singular message that runs through all their marketing efforts. Think of McDonalds' slogan-"I'm lovin' it." So simple yet they've used it for […]

5 Ways to Develop Leads Beyond the eBook

A common and powerful way to generate leads, build trust and develop rapport is to offer potential prospects a free ebook or whitepaper. But the problem is, in a world where everyone is offering the same thing, how do you […]

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What Is Consultative Selling & How To Use It Online

Consultative selling, also known as personal selling, is an approach where your sales team has in-depth discussions with potential clients before positioning products.

It emerged decades ago and is now one of the most popular selling […]

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The 68 Most Authoritative Search Marketing Blogs In One Custom Search Engine

Update: Although I wouldn't try to read these 68 eMarketing websites simultaneously, I realized that some people would be interested in integrating this A-list into a their RSS reader. Therefore, I made a Google Reader bundle of these websites. The […]

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How to create a marketing funnel

Move your customers in a natural way from one purchase to the next.
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How To Engage Visitors On Your Website

Getting people to your site via search is relatively easy. Getting them to stay on your site is a bit harder. Turning those visitors into customers and finally enthusiastic evangelists for your brand -- that takes a well thought out user experience. The 5 points mentioned in this article get you familiar with the groundwork you need to cover in order to make these things happen.
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Why are infographics such a handy tool for marketers?

User-friendly Consumption

Blog posts and articles are great, but they have lost a bit of value in this era when people are pressed for time and often put off by long blocks of text.

Because […]

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What might marketing look like in a world with Google Glasses?

The new Google Glasses promise to deliver apps, video, and all the luxuries users are currently enjoying on their mobile devices. With capabilities such as this, these sexy specs could have a huge impact on the marketing world. Check out some of the opportunities brands might have if Google Glasses become a reality.
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How Much Information Does An Effective Lead Capture Form Ask?

Creating a good and compelling landing page is just half the work done. You have convinced the lead to enter your shop and take a look into your products and offerings. You have captured the false flank but the battle is yet to be won. Depending on the context of your product, your lead capture forms becomes a deciding factor.
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