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Want New Customers? Think Association Partnership

Think about it…when you dive in to your network of colleagues, customers, family, friends, business associates, etc…you will find that many of the people you interact with are members of Associations. Some are members of more than one and some […]

By |June 30th, 2009|Lead Nurture & Marketing Automation|3 Comments

SES Toronto 2009: Driving Conversions – Search Ads & Landing Pages

We're coming into the home stretch of what has been a great first day at SES Toronto and I say there's no better way to end the day than a look at paid search ads in relation to their landing […]

By |June 8th, 2009|Lead Nurture & Marketing Automation|1 Comment

Online Affinity Marketing Programs – Go it Alone or with an Affiliate Marketing Network Partner?

As someone who lives and breathes Marketing Partnerships for a living, I am often asked about the pros and cons of developing an Online Affinity Marketing Program with the support of an established Affiliate Marketing Network or going it Alone? […]

By |April 28th, 2009|Lead Nurture & Marketing Automation|1 Comment

Cause You Got Personality

A couple of months back, I was in the market for a laptop. I desperately wanted a Mac. My husband asked me why and I emphatically stated, Because they are cool. Being a writer and not excessively computer savvy, I […]

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Let Me Help Promote You And Your Unbuttered Toast

This is just a reminder that SEO Scoop is on a mission to help you promote your own search-related blog. There are actually two ways of doing that here.

First, you can be listed on the Search Bloggers list. […]

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Terrible Landing Page Rant

Be forewarned: I may have several rant posts coming at you over the next few days. Here's the first.

Let's get one thing very, very clear. A good search ranking is wonderful … but for all that is sacred […]

By |April 23rd, 2008|Lead Nurture & Marketing Automation|10 Comments

Landing Page Optimization

One of the problems I face when I create a site is that I don't have formal training in every aspect of site development. I assume that's true for most lone webmasters/SEOs. If I was just one small […]

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Search Economics – Automation and Economies of Scale

This post is the second in the series on Search Economics. The first post discussed a concept called the Law of Diminishing Returns. This series on Search Economics is intended to help search marketing firms understand the economics of their […]

By |March 3rd, 2008|Lead Nurture & Marketing Automation|4 Comments

Using offline tactics to generate leads for your online business.

According to Borrell Associates, estimated local advertisers spent $7.5 billion on the Web in 2007, up 31 percent from 2006. This year's outlook is even brighter with a projected increase of 48 percent to $12.6 billion. Local search is the […]

By |January 3rd, 2008|Lead Nurture & Marketing Automation|3 Comments

Top 5 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid when Optimizing a Website

Most people think of SEO as a technical role. While CSS, PHP and other programming skills are invaluable to SEO, I tend to think of SEO more as Marketing with technical requirements. More often than not, the marketing […]

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