Depending upon your local business goals, Pinterest can be a great way to build your customer engagement. However, like with other social media platforms, its important to understand the nuances of the audience on Pinterest and craft content which will resonate with that group. The following are seven steps your local business should take to [...]

Local Business Owners – Protect Your Domain Name!

by Chris Marentis August 21st, 2012

This is IMPORTANT. The following story is a real life example as to why (and the inspiration for this post).

As Google strives to provide the most relevant search results, it is only natural that geo targeting is becoming more and more important each day. Here is how to optimize the geo targeting of a single-region site and how to effectively geo target multi-regional sites. Single-Region Site The following is a brief look at geo [...]

How To Get Reviews And Improve Local Ranking With Google+ Local

by Alexander Zagoumenov August 14th, 2012

There are few things that can contribute to your rankings if you run a local business including profiles on major local networks such as Google+ Local, Yelp and UrbanSpoon (if you're a local food vendor). This post is designed to help you sort confusion caused by recent actions from Google and improve using new Google+ Local profile.

Given the right size of city, you may have to be very specific in your SEO and target your neighbourhood specifically.

For the modern SEO, it all boils down to understanding the small business and their needs and then giving them the options to help them decide what strategy will work out best for them long term.

Top Google Ranking Factors When It Comes To Local

by Chris Marentis August 6th, 2012

What factors influence a high page rank in Google Places/Local?

Statistics prove that a blog is one of the tops social media tools to generate traffic and boost sales for your local business.

Google+ Local is the former Google Place page with a new look and feel. Currently, it has the same functionality as before except that you can no longer upload videos or share an update.

With the recent refresh to Google's Penguin update and the continued subsequent refreshes from last year's Panda update many small businesses may wonder what impact these changes have on local search, but unlike the animals these updates are named after, the answer isn't so black and white.  Internet Marketing After The Google Panda Update How [...]