Spinning Negative Reviews into Positive Local Rankings

by Jason Streatch April 16th, 2013

It's coming; another new Google search algorithm to contend with. This time the 'Google Merchant Quality Algorithm', announced by Google's head of search spam Matt Cutts at this year's SXSW festival, aims to penalize low and poor quality merchants in local search results.  With Google's increased focus on local search and its own Google + […]

Easily Solve 3 Common Google+ Local Profile Problems

by Martha Vasquez April 4th, 2013

Google+ Local offers the opportunity for clients to have high visibility in search engines when users search for products or services within a geographical area. If a Google+ Local profile is optimized to its full potential businesses can see significant growth in their search engine rankings and conversions. But even though business owners go through […]

Local marketing specialists know exactly what needs to be done to help your website rank well for local search terms in your area. These experts also know that you cannot simply build a website, upload it to the internet, and expect people to find and flock to it in droves. Simply put The internet is […]

Whether your local internet marketing strategy includes local citations, geo-targeting, or local social media marketing, it is important to properly optimize your businesss website, when your business has more than one location. It is common knowledge among SEOs that it is a good marketing strategy to have unique, optimized URLs for every page of your […]

  There has been a lot of change in the local landscape ever since Google rolled out Google+ in 2011. From Google Maps, to Google Places, to Google+ Local and Google+ Business Pages it seems near impossible to keep tabs on what exactly local SEO's and small businesses are dealing with when it comes to […]

Thanks to the Google EMD (exact match domain) update new websites looking to cut a few corners with their SEO program by capitalizing on the supposed SEO value of a keyword rich domain can no longer do so. And because of the Google Penguin update, which targeted websites that overused exact match anchor text, website […]

Shift To Local Internet Marketing Continues To Grow In 2013

by Chris Marentis February 15th, 2013

Based on a recent study of large businesses and national brands conducted by Balihoo (a local marketing firm), it has become apparent that businesses will continue to focus more of their marketing efforts in 2013 on local internet marketing. Over 90% of these businesses and brands project that in 2013 they are likely to maintain […]

Localized SEO is different than other SEO campaigns. To put it simply, it isn't so "macro". There are usually no departments that you are dealing with. There is less money. In most cases, it is a highly intimate relationship between yourself and the business owner. Smaller doesn't necessarily have to mean less though. If you […]

Local Social Media: Where Should You Stake Your Claim

by Mike Wilton November 20th, 2012

How to determine which online social networks are best for your local business efforts.

How to set-up your Google+ Local page

by Brian Farrell October 30th, 2012

A top concern for small business owners is trying to find more customers through local and mobile search. And the numbers are there — local search has or is poised to take over. According to the Localeze/15miles "Local Search Usage Study" (2012), 61% of smartphone owners conduct local searches, with the number one reason being […]