At the start of a new year we like to look back to consider where we've been and make a plan for the months to come. I wanted to take a look back at some of the creative and inspiring work that has come from public relations and marketing professional in 2013. In my opinion, [...]

5 Things Marketers Should Be Ready For In 2014

by Ben Plomion January 8th, 2014

The new year is almost here. And, if there's one thing we can say for sure about digital marketing, its that a lot can change in a year. So, what sort of changes can we expect to see in 2014? Lets take a look at five predictions. 1. Native Advertising Wont Go Programmatic Recently there's [...]

2 Rules For GIF Marketing

by Victoria Hoffman December 13th, 2013

In case you missed out yesterday, we began a new blog series entitled The 12 Days of Content. Over the next 11 days, well be gifting you with some great tips for optimizing your content. On the first day, we gave you the #1 tip for creating awesome videos. On this second day, we give [...]

The 12 Remarkable Google Changes of 2013

by Amanda DiSilvestro December 12th, 2013

As usual, Google made some changes over this last year. To be more specific, Google made a lot of changes over this last year. Many of these changes didnt receive the best feedback from users, but as usual once again, Google had the last say and stuck with what they changed regardless of the negative [...]

Great Service Is Your Best Marketing Tool

by Don Campbell December 9th, 2013

Content Marketing is all the rage, and for good reason. Google is continuously tweaking their algorithms to reward content that is useful for people, rather than over-optimized thin content. Marketers are catching on, and as a result there are a ton of articles talking about the value of content marketing for attracting new customers. But [...]

SEO and PPC: A Data Match Made in Marketing Heaven

by Jordan Bell December 5th, 2013

The fight between pay per click marketing and search engine optimization has been raging for years. Listen to one side, and you'll hear that marketers need to focus their resources on search engine optimization (SEO). Others argue that pay per click (PPC) provides bigger revenue – after all, 50% of people who click through from [...]

These Are The 4 Key Principles of Integrated Marketing

by Vincent Clarke December 4th, 2013

Integrated marketing deliciously blends all the various disciplines of selling a product or service into one unified battle strategy. The distinction is crucial. Integrated marketing is not a marketing strategy, but how you deliver a marketing strategy. Often times this is misinterpreted by the act of adding marketing tactics to your overall plan. Many people [...]

6 Ways QR Codes Can Close Sales & Delight Customers

by Andrew Marsh November 28th, 2013

QR codes are being underutilized. Many products feature them; most of them get it wrong. You don't direct your PPC traffic to a generic page, so why do you direct your QR code to a generic page? QR codes are great for two things: helping to close a sale and delighting your customers. If they [...]

Turn Negative Reviews Into Brand Boosters

by Mike Campolattano November 22nd, 2013

Howdy everyone today we are going to be talking about how a restaurant or any business for that matter can turn negative consumer reviews & experiences into positive growth opportunities. At some point in a business owners hectic life they are going to encounter a situation that will give them a chance to show the [...]

Social media marketers have an extremely challenging undertaking now days, especially if the account activities that they manage are not organized within a systematic workflow. The dynamics of the various profiles of their client can get downright overwhelming. Ever changing updates, forming new relationships and filtering new connections, monitoring keywords, managing conversations; it's definitely a [...]