Mobile SEO for Ecommerce: Bridging The Gap Between Google & Customers’ Fingertips

The mobile web is growing leaps and bounds as we write. The whole world has gone mobile. Erick Schonfeld of Techcrunch.com notes that the mobile web grew by about 110% in the U.S last year alluding to research findings from [...]

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8 Facts Backed By 18 Stats To Convince Your Boss To Put Money Into Mobile Marketing – NOW

I could tell you that mobile is the future of digital marketing, but that would be a lie. It's already here.

If you haven't yet joined the revolution, it's never been more urgent to shift your focus to the mobile [...]

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8 Essential Mobile Marketing Considerations

Take these data points into considerations and your mobile strategy can't go wrong.
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Quick Response Tags for Mobile Marketing

Looking at the new Wolverine movie billboard in traffic, or out with friends planning for a movie, we search online for the nearest theatre on our smartphones. Just by hitting search for 'The Wolverine shows', some theatres provide us with [...]

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Changes to Facebook Pages: The New Canvas for Mobile Marketing

First the responsive newsfeed, then Facebook Home, and today there were changes to Facebook Pages. If it wasn't apparent that Facebook was serious about being "mobile first" before, it certainly is now.

Why change the Pages layout? Over 680 million people [...]

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Shift To Local Internet Marketing Continues To Grow In 2013

Based on a recent study of large businesses and national brands conducted by Balihoo (a local marketing firm), it has become apparent that businesses will continue to focus more of their marketing efforts in 2013 on local internet marketing. Over [...]

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10 Things We Didn’t Know A Week Ago [Week 06]

1. This Year There Will Be More Mobile Internet Devices Than Human Beings

And those devices suck bandwidth.

"Mobile video already makes up more than half of the data transmitted worldwide, the company says [...]

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5 Quick Cheat Plugins To Instantly Get Mobile Responsive Design For Any WordPress Setup

Responsive design refers to a websites ability to act as a chameleon, easily toggling between a traditional website and a mobile one. A responsive website uses media queries to understand the device its being loaded on. In a matter of [...]

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How to Write Content For Mobile Sites

If you run a mobile vesion of your website, optimized to the tee for mobile delivery, you should be writing mobile-specific content as well.
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A World Where Browsers Are A Thing Of The Past

Americans spend more time per day on apps that they do on the web - both desktop and mobile combined.
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