Free Google Mobile Adwords

by Tom Tsinas September 15th, 2007

My friend Peter Papadimitriou at Globecraft sent me the following email he received from Google: Dear Peter Papadimitriou, We are happy to announce a new feature that will allow you to easily reach additional qualified customers who are searching Google from their mobile phones. In the next few days, your search ads will be eligible [...]

Eyeka: plateforme multimedia (mobile)

by Dora Gedeon June 18th, 2007

(english version) Eyeka est une entreprise toute jeune ( dt avril 2007) lance par l'entrepreneur Gille Babinet. Ce dernier a cr MusiWave, une plateforme mobile de livraison de musique vendue par OpenWave. La mobilitemeure l'outil du futur pour Gille et c'est dans cette optique qu'il a cr Eyeka. Le but de Eyeka est de prendre [...]

Eyeka: (mobile) multimedia platform

by Ruud Hein June 12th, 2007

(version fran se) Eyeka is a young (April 2007) French startup by proven entrepreneur Gille Babinet. Gille created MusiWave, a mobile music delivery platform sold to OpenWave.  Mobility remains the future for Gille and he created Eyeka. Eyeka's goal is to take photos and video's and give the creator a platform and a chance to sell and [...]

How about… adding a third of the young, upward and mobile Internet users — those aged 24-34 and with a spending power of several billions of dollars? adding up to an estimated 32 million Internet users for whom the Internet is a much needed life line? You can do that… and make SEO virtually built [...]

Google Voice Local Search – Mobile Search

by Jeff Quipp April 10th, 2007

In a previous life, I ran a Bell project called VoiceNet (today its evolved into . Essentially, it was to be the first speech enabled portal of its kind anywhere completely speech enabled. When I say speech enabled, I literally mean that you communicate(d) directly with our computers … no human intervention. The goal [...]

SEO Scoop now has a mobile version

by Donna Fontenot February 25th, 2007

Just in case any of you were needing to read SEO Scoop on a teeny-tiny mobile phone screen, I've added a mobile WordPress plugin template, so now you should be able to see everything on your mobile device quite clearly. I highly doubt this will affect anyone (hello? anyone out there ever try to access [...]

Optimizing for mobile devices

by Donna Fontenot July 29th, 2005

Ok, so since I am not a young teenager, I find it difficult to imagine doing much in the way of using the Internet via a cell phone. I mean, the screen is so tiny! But, I keep getting hit over the head with the idea that this is going to be a big thing, [...]