Optimize Your Mobile Website And Stop Losing Money!

New research released reveals differences between traditional and mobile search. Find out how to optimize your mobile website to satisfy new trends.
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Don't Leave Home Without It: 8 Steps for Making Your Site Mobile Friendly

I've been thinking about making websites mobile-friendly lately. It's been brewing for a year and it registered as a major issue back in March when I got a new mobile phone and actually started using the web while mobile. Let [...]

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Perpetuum Mobile SEO : Reaping The Benefits

Recently, as I've hit 40 and somehow my body has just realized this , I've been out of the running a little bit as my body seems to be falling slightly apart. As a mental case good SEO everything relates [...]

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Social Networking Going Mobile

In last weeks post wrote I that Local Search is predicted to be the killer app for mobile phones based on a Juniper Research report predicting that Local search is to account for 43% of cumulative mobile search advertising [...]

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Open Source, Open Ads, Open Sesame!

Image Courtesy - ab initio ad infinitum

So it would seem that everyone is in a race to become as transparent as possible. It has become (clearly) evident that there is more revenue potential out there by opening up everything [...]

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Mobile Users Are Checking Out Ads

According to a bi-annual report from Nielsen Mobile found that 58 million, or 23%, of all U.S. mobile phones users, have viewed mobile advertising in the last 1 month. Of these, 28 million subscribers say they responded to the ad [...]

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Local Mobile Search Research

"... it's really not a matter IF the mobile phone will become the dominant internet platform any more but WHEN..." - Yahoo! analyst Russell Beattie

With 15 percent of U.S. mobile subscribers accessing news and information via the mobile browser, mobile [...]

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Mobile Marketing Case Studies.

Office Depot's announcement of new mobile marketing services caught my attention today. These new services include the launch of a mobile store locator, RSS feeds, text message coupons and offers, and mobile sweepstakes capabilities.

I doubt anyone's getting exited about Office [...]

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3 User Browsing Session Recording Apps

Yesterday was all about heatmap solutions, and today it's just a bit different, but within the same realm. Seven months ago, I told you about RobotReplay, which allows you to see the actual mouse movements of a user's browsing [...]

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Mobile Search: Much Ado About Nothing?

Google and Yahoo didn't have much of a presence at the CTIA Wireless I.T. & Entertainment conference in San Francisco last week, but their startup competitors and much smaller rival AOL all did.

While Google and Yahoo have been pursuing mobile [...]

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