8 Tips to Reduce Your Cost-per-Conversion

by Nick Supapol May 7th, 2013

Conversions, conversion rate and cost-per-conversion are without a doubt the 3 most important PPC metrics. All 3 influence each other and together decide the profitability of your campaign. Whether you feel you're paying too much per conversion or if you think you've hit that sweet spot, there is still always room for improvement! Below are [...]

3 PPC tactics to try without breaking the bank

by Lyena Solomon May 6th, 2013

The world is changing, advertising is changing, Google AdWords is changing. And you feel you need to be doing more but you do not have a lot of time and the budget is limited. There are still three things you can do with your pay-per-click dollars to convert more leads into happy customers. Google AdWords [...]

Troubleshooting Your Underperforming PPC Campaign

by Charlie Nadler April 29th, 2013

You've performed keyword research, created ads that speak to your target user's intent with a compelling call to action, and spent time perfecting your landing pages. Now you can sit back and watch the conversions roll in! If you've ever managed a PPC campaign, you know there's always more tweaking required before you have a [...]

Chances are you're underutilizing your Google AdWords search query data. One of the most valuable reports available to PPC advertisers is the Google AdWords search query report. It allows you to see the searches people type into Google before they click on your ads, providing a window into searcher intent, and insight into their specific [...]

Sometimes in our industry it's quick to jump to the conclusion that if sales are down, it's time to do one of the following: a) Spend more marketing dollars b) Spend less marketing dollars In this blog post we'll talk about, Option c) Simple tweaks to your website that cost $0 but can potentially grow [...]

Introduction to Product Listing Ads (in Canada)

by Brittney Dudar April 3rd, 2013

Canadian retailers – get excited! Google's highly praised Product Ads have recently been rolled out in Canada! Some of the recent statistics are remarkable, and really speak to how well Product Ads can perform for retailers. To get you hyped, here are some if the impressive facts to date: Product Listing Ads (PLAs) have received [...]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Calculating a Profitable AdWords Budget Now more than ever, companies are turning to online advertising to attract new business. But if you're just starting out, knowing how much to spend can be a little unclear. That is why I have put together this easy guide to help you calculate a PPC [...]

18 Ways To Use Paid Search Sitelinks

by Shockley Au April 1st, 2013

Although sitelinks for organic listings are primarily controlled by Google (it automatically generates them after crawling your site, but you can "demote" them – promoting them or manually setting them is not possible), sitelinks within Google AdWords can be almost anything you want. That's one of the big benefits to running SEM/PPC campaigns – greater [...]

Keyword Analysis Report from Google Webmaster Tools

by Lyena Solomon March 28th, 2013

Some think, that Google's "non provided" killed keyword research as we know it. Perhaps, it is true. But there is enough provided information to make keyword research meaningful. I am going to show you how you can target your audience better by analyzing the keywords, for which your website is showing up. Let's get started [...]

3 Reasons to Use LinkedIn PPC

by Robert Brady March 19th, 2013

For many people, the pay-per-click (PPC) industry is synonymous with Google AdWords. For the slightly more informed there is also BingAds (which give access to PPC advertising on Bing & Yahoo). However, one of the most under appreciated PPC platforms is LinkedIn (who else claims to put your ads in front of 3,377 people in [...]