When using an e-mail campaign to further an online marketing strategy, it can often be difficult to assess how well it is working or not working. Unless e-mail is the only form of marketing used to spread awareness for a website, there is little way to tell if a visitor found the site through e-mail […]

Much of the day to day activity of digital marketing departments and professionals involves handling large amounts of data. The modern digital marketer or SEO is bombarded with tools for collecting, collating and crunching a whole range of data and metrics, from web page analytics and backlinks to SERP rankings. From website analytics to keyword […]

How To Measure Blog Quality

by Lyena Solomon June 18th, 2014

How do you measure love? What is the value of loyalty? How would you quantify success? Have you ever wondered how much exactly your readers love your writing and how precisely their loyalty translates into blog success? In this post, I am going to show you how to put a number to an intangible metric […]

With a free tool like Google Analytics, I don't see why people wouldn't just use it. It can track and measure many valuable metrics and can help drastically increase the efficiency of your content marketing. To put it simply, this tool can basically tell you exactly what your next piece of content should be. See, […]

"Questions Are the Answer "- Anthony Robbins In his masterpiece "Awaken the Giant Within", renowned peak performance specialist Anthony Robbins dedicated an entire chapter to explain "Questions Are the Answer" success mindset. Simply put: If you ask quality questions, you will receive quality answers. Lets apply this timeless tip and raise this critical question: Do […]

Measuring SEO Goals: Should We Forget About Rankings?

by Bradford Barker April 9th, 2014

The practice of tracking search engine rankings is essentially moot. . The problem: explaining the irrelevance of rankings to clients. Don't get me wrong. The goal of any SEO work should be to achieve the highest search engine rankings possible, but trying to track and accurately measure rankings is nearly impossible. Sure, you can run […]

Even 1 Star Reviews Result In Twice The Conversions

by Will Reinhardt April 1st, 2014

One of the joys of having access to a client's Analytics data is finding out what does and does not drive traffic and sales. I'm specifically interested in measuring the dynamic elements of a page to see what kind of impact they have. Product reviews created by customers falls into this category. I recently ran […]

For a free tool, Google Analytics is excessively flexible. It provides fairly robust tracking for websites and mobile apps, can be customised to support cross domain tracking, events, goals and custom variables, and comes with a pretty good set of default reports. Google Analytics provides reporting and supports data based decision making for countless businesses […]

Google is constantly launching new tools and making updates to help improve the web, but what many people hadn't noticed (myself included) was that WordPress was never a part of Google's improvements. It's true that WordPress is not associated with or owned by Google, but many third-party companies have released plugins to help make WordPress […]

Tracking and attribution is vital to your online marketing efforts if you have some kind of goal in mind, from building engagement with your online platforms through to generating sales. If you are unable to tell what works from what doesn't you can't make decisions about your online marketing mix to reach your goals. Of […]