How do you decide what metrics to measure for your marketing campaign? You know your overall goal is to get say, 100 leads, or 30 new customers. But what else do you need to measure? Let's take it step by step. Set Targets For Your Marketing Funnel You know about the marketing funnel: the steps […]

Finding topics for blog posts and social media posts can be really difficult for many individuals and small businesses. This is doubly true if you feel like you need to post every single day or multiple times throughout the week to keep the attention of your readers while finding new ones. While posts related to […]

Adwords is every marketer's dream. It provides metrics, graphs and stats for every eventuality. There are, in fact, so many metrics available the mountain of data produced can be a little overwhelming. Unfortunately this all singing all dancing approach to analytics has created complacency when it comes to comprehension of the resulting statistics. Below there […]

When you look at the analytics of your blog, you see what blog topics were the most popular for the day, week, month and even year. Many bloggers want to know how to capitalize on that data in order to continue to write engaging blogs that bring readers back again and again. It is difficult […]

How To Know Your Visitors and Followers

by Unmana Datta August 29th, 2013

In my last post here, I wrote about defining your target audience and making sure your marketing content is targeted to them. I mentioned that you should analyze your website visitors and social media followers to see if the audience you are getting matches your target customer profile. Let's dive deeper into how to do […]

As always with Google Analytics, it's only when you start using the more advanced and hidden away features such as custom variables do you really start to get true value out of it. Although we can analyse and learn a lot from the data presented by default, in order to further segment and understand, we […]

What to include in your PPC Report

by Louise McCartan July 11th, 2013

Your boss is expecting an AdWords performance report. Not sure what to report on? Before you get into a black hole of AdWords and Analytics data, first decide what your goals are and what the essential metrics to report on are. PPC Reporting Structure PPC Goal Setting Aimlessness is not the way to go. You'll […]

Google Analytics is an invaluable asset for any web marketing team. There are some amazing things you can do in Analytics which might not appear so obvious at first. Once you discover the potential of custom variables you will be blown away with all the extra data you can gather. So What Is A Custom […]

Two years ago when Google released version 5 of Google Analytics, an entire host of new features came along with it. One of the most helpful of these was the Multi-Channel Funnels reports which was designed to help GA deal with a problem that had been plaguing analytics tools for years – goal attribution. In […]

Google Analytics has had social reports for a while now. The Social report appears among the other Traffic Source reports such as Sources and Search Engine Optimisation. From here you can view Network Referrals, Conversions, Trackbacks and Data Hub Activity from other Data Hub Partners like Disqus and Reddit. These reports simplify tracking the value […]