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What to include in your PPC Report

Your boss is expecting an AdWords performance report. Not sure what to report on?

Before you get into a black hole of AdWords and Analytics data, first decide what your goals are and what the essential metrics to report on are.
PPC [...]

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10 Things To Track Using Google Analytics Custom Variables

Google Analytics is an invaluable asset for any web marketing team. There are some amazing things you can do in Analytics which might not appear so obvious at first. Once you discover the potential of custom variables you will be [...]

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Everything You Need to Know About Custom Channel Groupings in Google Analytics

Two years ago when Google released version 5 of Google Analytics, an entire host of new features came along with it. One of the most helpful of these was the Multi-Channel Funnels reports which was designed to help GA deal [...]

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How To Track On-Site Social Interaction Better Using _Tracksocial

Google Analytics has had social reports for a while now. The Social report appears among the other Traffic Source reports such as Sources and Search Engine Optimisation. From here you can view Network Referrals, Conversions, Trackbacks and Data Hub Activity [...]

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How Do You Decide On Your Target Audience (And How Well Do You Know Them)?

This is one of the questions I get asked most when I speak at events or offer marketing advice: how do I figure out who my target customer segment is (or alternatively, how do I learn more about my audience)?

This [...]

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Google To Revolutionize Mobile Marketing With Cross-device Analytics

If youve ever wondered what role mobile plays in your website conversions, or how it assists with desktop conversions then youre not alone.  It's a common question among Web Marketers, especially in the past 1-2 years with the [...]

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Using Excel Formulas To Group Your Google Analytics Long Tail Keywords Into Themes

We all know that long tail keywords can be as valuable, if not more so, than one or two word phrases, right? It is easy to start to get traffic from them while building for something more competitive, they are [...]

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A Successful Google Penguin Recovery Story

It is coming up to a year ago now that we were employed by a big company here in the United Kingdom to recover their website from a crash in Google rankings following the Penguin update.

On 17 April [...]

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Managing Non-code Projects with GitHub

Our company has tried a bunch of different ways to handle knowledge management over the years. With the exception of using Evernote to manage outreach and guest posting, most project management systems have always been either too confusing [...]

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Keyword Research With The Excel Bing Ads Intelligence Add-in

One of the greatest things about working in the Search Industry is the copious amount of data that we get to play with. I have a quantitative background with an undergrad in electrical engineering and in my former life was [...]

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