This is one of the questions I get asked most when I speak at events or offer marketing advice: how do I figure out who my target customer segment is (or alternatively, how do I learn more about my audience)? This is usually said in response to my asserting fiercely that you should have a […]

If youve ever wondered what role mobile plays in your website conversions, or how it assists with desktop conversions then youre not alone.  It's a common question among Web Marketers, especially in the past 1-2 years with the explosive growth in mobile usage and search. Many marketers tend to shy away from mobile due to […]

We all know that long tail keywords can be as valuable, if not more so, than one or two word phrases, right? It is easy to start to get traffic from them while building for something more competitive, they are a perfect fit for content strategies and as most SEM professionals would tell you, they […]

A Successful Google Penguin Recovery Story

by Barrie Smith April 30th, 2013

It is coming up to a year ago now that we were employed by a big company here in the United Kingdom to recover their website from a crash in Google rankings following the Penguin update. On 17 April 2012, their website was hit by the Google Penguin update. Unsurprisingly, their traffic plummeted, losing more […]

Managing Non-code Projects with GitHub

by Vincent Clarke April 25th, 2013

Our company has tried a bunch of different ways to handle knowledge management over the years. With the exception of using Evernote to manage outreach and guest posting, most project management systems have always been either too confusing or flawed. If one specific tool worked very well for management, it was way too conventional for […]

One of the greatest things about working in the Search Industry is the copious amount of data that we get to play with. I have a quantitative background with an undergrad in electrical engineering and in my former life was a forecast analyst. I love numbers and the ability to pull insights from data. A […]

Data is fantastic however in its tabular form, sometimes it can let us down and not provide the best way to analyze the data in front of us. This holds especially true when trying to visualize how people are interacting with your website. Luckily we can take that information and present it on a heat […]

How To Make Sense Of (Not Provided) Keywords

by Maria Toribio March 26th, 2013

Google Analytics is a powerful, easy to use tool that allows website owners to measure how visitors interact with their website. It gives fresh insights on website traffic, traffic sources, and provides webmasters a method to measure sales and conversions. From a Search perspective, Google Analytics is a fantastic resource to find keywords that drive […]

4 Essential Free Google Analytics SEO Custom Reports

by Kristian Humle Lauritsen February 27th, 2013

The out-of-the-box SEO (organic search) reports in Google Analytics a very limited and provides little insigths beyond the top-level KPI's. However if you take advantage of the Google Analytics Custom Reports you are able to pull out very valuable and actionable SEO insights. Below I have listed a couple of such custom SEO reports and […]

So to make your life a "little" easier, here's a simple, effective way to increase your website's visibility in the shortest amount of time. The process is the oldest business strategy to date: analyze the leading competitors in the market. These websites have already done most of the heavy lifting to get where they are […]