Get more out of Google Analytics

by Anthony Contoleon January 17th, 2013

Google Analytics is easily the most popular web analytics package available. It is free, easy to set up and offers a lot of functionality by default. It isn't perfect and like most other tools it comes with a number of limitations such as sessions and how it samples data on high traffic sites. However this [...]

How To Bring Your Bounce Rate Down

by Robert Tyson December 28th, 2012

Learn how to reduce the number of people who click away from your site.

How to create Adwords Remarketing lists based on Analytics data

by Kristian Humle Lauritsen December 5th, 2012

About half a year ago I wrote a post about how to most effectively use the Google Adwords Remarketing functionality by building effective audiences. Since this post the Remarketing system has undergone several updates making it a much more powerful tool in the Adwords arsenal. In this post I will go through these changes, how [...]

Win A Free Copy Of Piwik Web Analytics Essentials

by Stephan Miller December 3rd, 2012

Web analytics used to be no more than analyzing your webserver's log files, back in the days of "hits". Today, there are multiple analytics solutions to choose from, both free and paid, with a dazzling array of features. Why would you choose software that you have to install, maintain and monitor with all the other [...]

Optimizing Website Pages Through Analytics

by Lyena Solomon November 27th, 2012

Remember the Olympics? A gymnast is eying the vault. She is good, but her face is reflecting the pressure of millions looking at her. She is up. Wide smile. Run… and incomplete. She cannot stick the landing! And the audience sighs, whispers, "Ah, well…", and turns their precious attention to the gymnast's competitor, who sticks [...]

Set up a conversion funnel in Google Analytics in one minute

by Simone Luciani November 15th, 2012

Setup and track a conversion funnel in Google Analytics.

Using Visitors Flow to Find Dead End Pages

by Tim Kelsey November 13th, 2012

Leanr how Google Analytics' Visitors Flow can give you maximize insight in the least amount of time.

Competitor Analysis Essentials – DIY Basics

by Zarko Zivkovic November 6th, 2012

Know thy enemey. Who is ranking above you and why. Who are you ranking above — and why. Where is your number one competitor getting their links; are they really active on social networks or do they merely have a few accounts.

Learn how to analyze your competition and how to benefit from that analysis.

Using the rich source of keyword data you have in your analytics, map out searches by intent, then by date. Next, fold the actionable data back into your site strategy.

Google's Browser Size tool is so much better than the feature integrated with Google Analytics because you can use it on any site, at any time.

Now that the tool is going away we show you how to get your own instant-on browser size tool in under 5 minutes.