Is Google a Scraper Website?

by Daniel Kosir April 14th, 2014

Remember when Google released the Panda algorithm? This was when content penalties were introduced, used primarily to eliminate scraper websites that would rip content from one website and put it on their own. This practice was frowned upon particularly because, often, these scraper websites would rank higher for that content than the original site or [...]

You Gotta Be Kidding Me: Comment Spam

by Kent Allen April 11th, 2014

There are many webmasters, link building companies, and SEO companies who really put a lot of faith in blog commenting as a way to build links, traffic, and expert reputation. There are also quite a few of these individuals who are successful with this approach. In my opinion though, there are many more who are [...]

All the SEO Advice Fit to Print

by Mike Tekula April 9th, 2014

Do you publish SEO advice? Do you read SEO advice? How much of it is reliable? Sure about that? I started out, like we all did, knowing jack squat about SEO. I was a web designer (and a pretty bad one) when my boss at the time swiveled in his chair one day and asked [...]

Why Social Signals Are Important For SEO

by Daniel Kosir March 31st, 2014

There are a variety of factors that affect the performance of a companys website and overall online presence. Search engines give credit to relevancy (using similar keywords in your meta descriptions, title tags and anchor text) and authority (amount and type of sites that are linking to your content via inbound links). These practices are [...]

Five Easy Ways To Lose Authority Or PageRank

by Kari Pritchard March 25th, 2014

Between juggling all the different important aspects of your site – from content creation to driving sales – it can be hard to keep your finger on the pulse of everything at once. Even though it will be near impossible to prevent all mistakes from slipping through the cracks, here are five simple ways your [...]

The 5 Core Steps to Consultative Selling

by Brian Farrell March 21st, 2014

If there is one secret to sales success, it lies in your ability see things from your customers point of view — as well as your own. And because of this simple secret, we have an endless array of consultative selling models to choose from. The challenge with these models is that every salesperson, as [...]

It's hard to confidently make a list of things that Google will never do. The company is too forward-thinking and secretive to be predictable. Five years ago, who would have forecasted that Google would make eyewear? Who would have guessed they were developing self-driving cars? For a long time, Google was strictly a search engine. [...]

An SEO Intervention for Ranking Addicts

by Andrew Marsh March 20th, 2014

[Ed.: SEP Inc. acknowledges addictions can be ruinous on many levels. While the below post is in jest to make a point, SEP Inc. acknowledges addiction is a serious matter. If you or someone you know suffers from addiction please seek help and support.] You just cant help yourself, can you? Like many marketing managers [...]

If you want to grow the audience of your blog or website, you have to keep looking for new opportunities to promote your content. Writing good articles won't get you anywhere if you don't know how to find the right websites or influencers that can popularize your business. The interest for content marketing has grown [...]

Inbound marketing largely revolves around connecting the right persona with the right content from the get-go. Video content is an excellent way for brands to initiate these connections and build awareness, however, visibility on Google is an integral part of the equation. The right videos can improve the overall user experience. Upload all videos from [...]