Promoting Local Content For Local Links

In my experience most businesses in North America undervalue the power of local search.

There are approximately 30 million small businesses in the United States and Canada. In Canada, small businesses account for over 98% of all businesses.

The beauty of local […]

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How to get rid of bad content

How exciting is it to start fresh? You are looking at your new website – a clean slate – and imagine the possibilities, all the content you can create! So invigorating and exciting! A couple of years later your slate […]

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How Keyword Ranking Reporting Is Leading You Astray

The search engine industry grew to some amazing heights and erupted in a huge variety of keyword research, site analysis tools and rank monitoring platforms. We've tried and tested them all and have honestly been dissatisfied with the majority. Most […]

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'Un-link' Building: How To Successfully Remove Penguin Links

Lost your rankings in Google? Built some dodgy links in the past that you're now worried about? Been a victim of a competitor attack?

Google's Penguin update, first released in April 2012 changed the face of link building as we knew […]

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Google My Business Dashboard: 5 Messages that Need Attention

Google My Business has become a very important part of business owners' online marketing strategies, and as such it is important to maintain it in a good status. Having to manage the Google My Business account and in addition the […]

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How Small Businesses Should Respond to the Google Pigeon Update

SEO is an ever-changing world. Every marketer knows this (or at least should). The wise marketer will realize that many of the changes are refinements in a continual evolution. The most recent release announced just last month, coined as the […]

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Yes, You Should Get An SSL Certificate for Your Website

Google has recently come out and explicitly said were starting to use HTTPS as a ranking signal. Currently, it is a "lightweight signal", but that could easily change, and it might have more weight in the future. Traditionally, Https was […]

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6 Ways to Use Internal Links (The Next Key SEO Tactic?)

As Google clamps down on link building techniques and SEO shifts towards content marketing, another interesting phenomenon is happening: on-site optimisation has become a lot more important. It has always been essential though – and nothing is more important for […]

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What is the Difference between 301 Redirect and Canonical Attribute

As with many areas of the search engine world, there are some grey areas but Google does provides some guidelines on how to manage redirections and what each communicates to the search engine.

A 301 Redirect signals to the search engine […]

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Foursquare Makeover – A Prettier Version of Yelp?

Foursquare has undergone a complete overhaul, but it is difficult, at first glance, to differentiate exactly what makes the new Foursquare different from other major local business listing services such as Yelp. One of its most notable qualities is its […]

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