5 Things Every Small Business Should Know About Yelp!

by Mike Wilton December 11th, 2013

Yelp! Most small businesses have a love/hate relationship with it. They love it because it's a great way to earn some added exposure online and through the Yelp! app, but they hate it because one bad experience can severely damage a businesses reputation. Love it or hate it, it's a great way to see what [...]

Back in May 2012 Google announced the launch of the Knowledge Graph, a brand new mechanism to help searchers "discover new information quickly and easily". But what exactly is Knowledge Graph? Where does Google get the knowledge? And how, with so much information out there, does Google know what to display? If these are the [...]

It can be unsettling when you log in-to Google Analytics and see a dip in the number of visitors landing on your site. A feeling of worry is likely; a small traffic drop could signify a larger issue and this drop could be the start of an avalanche. It could be that your website has [...]

SEO Advice from Questionable Blog Comments

by Brian Farrell November 21st, 2013

Is it possible to get good SEO advice from spammy comments on your blog? Brian thinks so – read on to find out.

How to Optimize Your Images on WordPress

by Eileen Lonergan November 12th, 2013

I really enjoyed the recent post by Amy Balliett 3 Tips to Plan Your SEO Campaign for The Visual Web, which made me think that maybe you would like to know how to optimize your images within WordPress. To begin, save your image with a name, not a ridiculous string of numbers. Best Practice shared [...]

The Link Building Approach for Time-Strapped People

by Brian Dean November 8th, 2013

Even with all the talk of "content marketing is the new SEO" and "don't build links, build relationships", most marketing managers and SEOs know full well that link building is what makes or breaks a site's search engine visibility. Unfortunately, link building has suddenly become extremely time-consuming. The days of submitting your site to thousands [...]

While unbeknown to the search marketing world, Google released an updated version of their algorithm last August that allows for the ability to better understand context when qualifying relationships. Prior to this shift, Google connected online consumers with relevant content based on independent queries derived of individual or sets of keywords. Users would simply input [...]

In the world of (not provided), quite a few of us spend our time fretting over keywords. We scour the web for tools, processes, and blog posts that can give us our bearings in uncharted territory. We innovate – which is a good thing – but we complain while doing it. It's an interesting dynamic. [...]

3 Tips to Plan Your SEO Campaign for The Visual Web

by Amy Balliett November 6th, 2013

Over the past few years, the needs and expectations of consumers have changed. We live in a world inundated with information and, while we used to stroll the web eagerly seeking lengthy articles to consume, we now seek out and share memes, photos, animated gifs, infographics and videos more than ever. In fact, Pinterest is [...]

How to Deal with Google Encrypting All Keyword Data

by Zain Shah November 5th, 2013

Has Google's recent announcement of encrypting all keyword data caused you to have sleepless nights? You are not alone. The latest breaking news (along with Hummingbird and Penguin 2.1) has caused quite a stir in the on-line marketing community. There have been talks of Google's high handedness in making life for SEO experts almost impossible. [...]