How Good Marketing Tactics Turn Bad & Ugly

by Steve Walsh June 13th, 2014

"We are not Punished for Our Sins, but by them" – Elbert Hubbard Take a look at this eight years old post that Matt Cutts did about paid links, and then a fairly recent post about guest blogging that has set the alarm bells ringing in SEO community, and you will find a lot of [...]

Fuelling Your SEO Efforts by Leveraging the Brand Value

by Joydeep Bhattacharya June 12th, 2014

Search engine optimization is changing for the better. Instead of beating the bush, we must take a deep breath and focus our efforts in maximizing the brand value. Google likes brands. Inbound marketers need to plan a proper strategy to leverage the brand value so to boost SEO efforts. Why Brand Is Important? Brand is [...]

Multilingual Websites: Benefits And Best Practices

by Kari Pritchard June 11th, 2014

These days it's hard to come across a country where several languages aren't accepted and spoken. No matter what language you speak, everybody has access to the internet. Why not take advantage of this commonly known fact when it comes to optimizing your site and go multilingual? Research shows that people prefer to make purchases [...]

3 Ways to Get Customers Talking About You

by Cindy Alvarez June 10th, 2014

We've heard it countless times – Build an awesome product, and your customers will shout from the rooftops. Solve your customer's big problems, and they'll tell everyone. If you build it, they will evangelize. Unfortunately, it's not true. A very small percentage of the population is actively blogging and writing reviews. A slightly higher percentage [...]

How To Explain SEO To A 5 Year Old

by Heather Neads June 9th, 2014

As my son has grown the answer of "I work with computers" when asked what I do for a living just isn't cutting it anymore. I had to put some thought into how to explain SEO to a 5 year old as most people my age don't understand fully what it is that I do. [...]

5 Ideas to Inspire Your Next Local Content Piece

by Mike Wilton June 3rd, 2014

Building content for a local SMB's is hard, building localized content is oftentimes even harder. Sure you can host an event, push your own PR, and blog about community involvement, but aside from your own self promotion, what can you do to help build local content? One way to develop content that will appeal to [...]

As you are already well aware, consumers will turn to search engines when they are looking to research and purchase products or services online. Being able to situate yourselves higher in the organic search results can prove beneficial. In most cases, unless you are a large company with a ton of authority, it is not [...]

Quick and Dirty SEM Account Audit Basics

by Anthony Contoleon May 29th, 2014

Paid search and display can be a very powerful form of online marketing. It is an ideal medium for direct response advertising within search and when combined with an effective organic search visibility strategy, will more than pay for itself. Because of this utility, it is also a highly competitive market place, where other advertisers [...]

The Top 5 Off-Page Optimisation Factors

by Chris Ainsworth May 28th, 2014

The notion of off-page optimisation is one which has changed a lot over the past few years. Off-page optimisation has traditionally been focused toward a direct improvement in keyword ranking – predominantly through the use of link building schemes. But with the introduction of Penguin Google virtually put an end to the traditional form of [...]

Keyword Strategy vs Customer Questions & Answers

by Heather Ribout May 21st, 2014

So you have a business. You have a nice website. A comprehensive catalogue with pages optimized for the products you sell. But are your potential customers able to find you online? A good keyword research strategy will help you identify which keywords you should be optimizing your pages and content for. There are a number [...]