It's hard to confidently make a list of things that Google will never do. The company is too forward-thinking and secretive to be predictable. Five years ago, who would have forecasted that Google would make eyewear? Who would have guessed they were developing self-driving cars? For a long time, Google was strictly a search engine. [...]

While the idea was once balked at, more and more companies are realizing the value of running paid social media campaigns. Whether to promote an event, create buzz around a product launch, or increase brand awareness, paid social media marketing is becoming an invaluable tool in the sphere of digital marketing. Among other benefits, it [...]

10 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Social Media Friendly

by Pratik Dholakiya March 17th, 2014

Got a website that's search engine friendly? If so, then well done! Got a website that's armed with SEO Kevlar that can tackle anything and everything that Google throws at you in 2014? You can go ahead and pat yourself on the back!! Now, the real question — have you done anything about the social [...]

Which Social Media Headlines Work Best

by Jerry Low March 12th, 2014

In the last 10 years, the use of social media has exploded in both the business and private sector. Businesses understand the importance of having a presence on sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In a 2013 CEO survey on social media, researchers found that 80.4% of leaders thought being on social media was vital [...]

Does your online marketing checklist look something like this? Facebook, check. Twitter, check. Instagram, check. Blog, check. Pinterest … Pinterest? Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networking sites – between May 2012 and May 2013 users from the UK alone grew two and a half times, taking the total number of users to [...]

Throwback Thursdays: Social Media Before Facebook

by Daniel Kosir March 6th, 2014

While I'm partial to David Fincher, The Social Network gives off the impression that social media started with Facebook, which isn't the case. In fact, it wasn't even the first "modern" social media platform or social networking site. The simple truth is, like other technological developments, social media is the result of a long line [...]

7 Strategic Social Media Steps

by Chhavi Vatwani March 5th, 2014

As advertisements become attempts at a universal language, the year screams the need for heart-touching videos in 2014. "Social Acceptance" is the keyword of the year as companies optimistically intend to spend some more this year on social media marketing. If you're still wondering why you should spend more, consider this: Rise of the Data [...]

Snapchat for Marketers

by Amy Turkovich March 5th, 2014

When I was asked to write this blog I had obviously heard of Snapchat but I didn't have an account yet. Realizing I would need the app to get a better understanding of the platform, I went to the App Store and downloaded it. Formally, I criticized my friends for wasting time sharing foolish images [...]

Twitter is a useful form of social media, as it allows the user to impart quickfire tidbits of information. But this simple format shouldn't be mistaken as easy. Finding engaging and valuable content can be hard, especially when you need to constantly update. For Twitter to be truly effective, it requires regular tweeting. Coming up [...]

6 Social CRM Solutions

by Bernadette Coleman February 27th, 2014

Many times at conventions or other industry events I meet or talk with people that I would consider influencers in our industry. Keeping track of them for future engagement though seems to be a problem for me. While I was looking for a solution, I came across a term I hadn't heard of before: Social [...]