What Markup Actually Does On A Web Page

by John Medina August 8th, 2014

HTML Markup. To the end user, it's pretty much invisible. Usually we take it for granted or forget that it's there, doing its thing behind the scenes. It's easy forget that there is so much more to a web page than just visible content. What we see in our browsers is only a part of […]

The mobile revolution has arrived and is here to stay! For businesses, the first step to conquering this new arena is adapting any of the following strategies to cater to mobile users: a responsive web design, a mobile-focused website or a mobile app. The next and most crucial step is deciding how to optimise your […]

When it comes to creating your website-whether you're talking about content, design, or function-the biggest element to consider is always readability. It doesn't matter if your colors are perfectly calibrated and your images pop up into a lightbox display. Netizens are constantly inundated with content, and they rarely read anything in-depth. They scan the elements […]

As a designer and developer we find various technologies to improve online user interaction within multi resolutions. With the increase of people using smartphones and tablets to browse or purchase online, there is no reason why having a responsive website is not important to your company. Responsive websites are able to adapt to any image […]

  According to Google, over the past two years alone, mobile search traffic has increased five-fold. As more and more customers are on the go, searching for products and services from their mobile devices it's becoming imperative for businesses to engage with their customers and enhance their mobile experience. For some businesses building a separate […]

Parallax Scroll vs. Infinite Scroll

by John Medina May 30th, 2014

While these phrases are affiliated and sometimes mistakenly interchanged, they are not the same thing. One is a design convention while the other is a content delivery method. Although they are often used together in website construction, neither is a requisite of the other. A site can have either parallax or infinite scrolling, or both. […]

Today there are several ways to build a website. You could hire a web developer to hand-code it, or use a content management system (CMS) like WordPress. Or you could use a website builder. Its a system that provides a plethora of ready-made interfaces and elements of design that enable you to create a site […]

Throwback Thursdays: The Evolution of Web Design

by Daniel Kosir April 3rd, 2014

The year was 1991. In the midst of everybody dancing (C+C Music Factory), psychotic cannibalistic criminal masterminds (Silence of the Lambs), and Tim "The Toolman" Taylor (Home Improvement), CERN quietly published the first ever website. Still live today, this is how it looked in 1992, the earliest version that could be recovered: Pretty underwhelming, right? […]

Any sound advice on how to improve your website will always emphasize the importance of user experience. As the term suggests, user experience refers to the overall experience of a visitor as they navigate your website, and the better it is, the more likely the user will continue to visit and revisit. This is critical […]

For businesses that want to get ahead and stay ahead in today's market, it's essential to respond to the changing marketplace rather than react to it. This means business owners need to keep up with trends not only in their own industry, but also in the areas they're involved in; especially technology. The rise of […]