Make Your Site Even More Mobile Friendly with Responsive Design

by Manish Bhargava September 12th, 2012

Is your website optimized for mobile devices, and how flexible is it to adapt to the many different resolutions of the various smartphones and tablets on the market today? In other words, do you know how the experience will be for users viewing your website on Sony Ericsson T715 or iPad mini rumored to release in October of this year?

When a URL's protocol is omitted, the browser uses the underlying document's protocol instead. It looks strange at first, but this "protocol-less" URL is the best way to reference third party content that's available via both HTTP and HTTPS.

Helpful WordPress Code Snippets

by Ryan Cowles August 8th, 2012

These snippets are in no particular order, but they all modify WordPress' default behavior to accomplish a common task.

If you feel that your online business is being circled by virtual sharks in the online pool you share, the following tips can help you solidify your brand, retain and attract customers, and thrive in spite of your relentless competition.

It takes a village to build a revenue-generating site.

Basic web page layout in HTML5

by Laura Peragallo July 10th, 2012

There is a lot of buzz about HTML5 being a breakthrough which will improve websites from a design view point and SEO. Even though HTML5 won't be completely supported until 2022, there is no reason not to become familiar with some of the basics. HTML5 uses new semantically rich elements that convey the purpose of […]

Not getting enough leads? I know it's really hard to generate new business leads and it's even more frustrating when you are spending lots of money and time to drive traffic to your small business website. If this is the case with you then I am pretty confident that following tips will help you to […]

How Much Should Website Design Cost?

by Wasim Ismail May 24th, 2012

Overall a website can cost anything from a couple of hundred dollars up to thousands and even million dollars. So why is there such a big difference? Building a website is similar to building a house or customizing a car. The more features, the more time it will take designers and developers to put the […]

Forget for a moment how to select a web designer. Instead make 100% absolutely sure that this doesn't happen to you.

Tips on Finding the Right Web Developer

by Eileen Lonergan March 30th, 2012

There isn't a perfect answer, but you should be armed with questions.