This week's viral video spotlight is Jeff Chan's most recent work. Canada's own CFC has recruited directors to remake the classic viral video "Charlie Bit My Finger". One of the remakes has garnered a lot of attention. It is a zombie remake directed by Jeff Chan. He is no stranger to viral videos. His most recent viral hit is "Find Makarov", a short based on the popular Modern Warfare. He is part of a Toronto-based collective known as "We Can Pretend". The company specializes in producing viral content. Their first major viral success was the Doritos commercial parody of Apple videos.

Works from "We Can Pretend":

Tony Tie

Tony Tie worked in the world of advertising and video production for a few years. He worked on many TV commercial campaigns before switching to the online industry. He currently works with many large international brands and agencies to strengthen their on-line presence. He is also the founder to THiNK Video - an explainer video company. Follow him on Twitter @tonytie

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