Devil's Advocate

by The Guy May 31st, 2007 

Everyone's havig a chuckle or two about some of the fun images that are showing up on Google's new 3D mapping tool but there's something slightly ominous about it.

We all know we're being watched all the time, not news. But there is a certain expectation of privacy that seems to be in violation and will, I'm sure, be tested over time.

There are more extreme examples, but imagine for a moment a young woman, any young woman coming out of an abortion clinic. And let's not even talk about her specifically.

Let's talk about the guy who takes offence to, quite literally, the site sight.

The woman may have long since departed but the site remains.

Perceived injustices have been the cause of much sorrow.

This is the real world. It has real problems. And frankly, I think Google may well be contribute to them in ways it may not necessarily have thought about.

Have a good one.

~The (SEP) Guy

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