DigitalPoint Keyword Tracker now tracks the Big Three

by Donna Fontenot March 24th, 2005 

Shawn from DigitalPoint rocks! He has added the ability to track keyword rankings and backlinks for both MSN and Yahoo! to his already famous FREE DigitalPoint Keyword and Backlink Tracker. The perfect SEO tool has just exceeded perfection! If you are already using the tool (you are, right?), then login and click on Edit Preferences. From there, you can grab the PHP script that you need to upload to any PHP-enabled server. Put the url where you've got the script into your preferences, and voila, you are ready to track! Well, ok, not quite ready. Now, you need to go add the keywords and urls into the system. Hey, a bit of work on your part, and you've got the coolest tool in the SEO world working for you every day! Free! Shawn, my hat is off to you! Cheers!

One note: I never realized how great my rankings are at MSN and Yahoo! Sure, I checked the main ones now and then, but this is the first time I've seen all of them displayed in a row like that. It was definitely an eye-opener. All I can say is, cool.

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