In an article on Mashable today, Facebook is continuing to build its proverbial military might, as it prepares to tackle its much larger foe, Google. In fact, Facebook acquired 18 patents in total from Friendster, for around $40 million.

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Understanding Google's biggest weakness, Facebook is attempting to secure the high ground in this impending battle. Facebook understands that Google's biggest weakness is precisely what social media offers; the ability to solicit opinions and feedback from friends and other trusted sources. This is after all, the single biggest influencer of major purchase decisions. Google on the other hand would be at a severe disadvantage if it had to continue organizing search results according to paramters that did not take into account the opinions and feedback of trusted sources.

What does this mean to you ... SEP's readers?

Stay tuned. Google is aware that Facebook is tracking its every movement. Google also likes to acquire patents, and any companies posing unique threats (think YouTube).

1. Expect in the next year, that Facebook will begin to offer a more visible social search type service, and attempt to slowly migrate Google search traffic away from Google.

2. Expect Google to up the ante, and start purchasing more social type sites at an increased rate.

It is really peculiar though that this happens the day after Google announces the closure of Google Wave. Perhaps just another warning shot across the bow. Let the arms race continue.

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2 Responses to “Facebook Acquires 18 Social Patents In Its Virtual Arms Race Against Google”

  1. Dave says:

    Come on Google vs Facebook is a war we need it will move the big boys a bit faster and make things a lot more fun.

    In fact the day some company comes along to take on the Big G could not happen sooner.


  2. Randy Jones says:

    This google vs facebook battle is going to be one for the ages, for now though facebook should focus on keeping users. As far as privacy is concerned I feel more a risk using Facebook even though googles probably got more on me.