Facebook Places hits Canada

by Mick Higgins September 24th, 2010 

Facebook places apparently launched in Canada today, unbeknownst to Facebook. There has been no official announcement from Facebook, tweets began appearing on my feed around noon today. Using Twitter search we can see that people have been tweeting it up about the launch of the service in Canada.

As we can see below yours truly just checked in via Facebook Places at Search Engine People.

Now the really interesting news is that according to Techcrunch Facebook is flat out denying that the service has launched in Canada. Why the confusion?

Is this a coy ploy by Facebook to raise publicity of the service in Canada or this merely a blip? Facebook Places is recieveing press from the Globe and Mail, Techcrunch, and is all over Twitter. Will Facebook Places become a trending topic on Twitter before the end of the day? Keep an eye on Twitter Stats today to see if we can decipher if it genius marketing ploy or techno boo boo.

Mick Higgins

A marketing graduate with itchy feet, I moved to Canada from my native Ireland in late 2009. My passions are marketing, media, advertising and sports.

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