First Yahoo, then MSN (Live), then Ask

by Donna Fontenot December 11th, 2006 

I've made a decision to switch to a different default search engine at least for the time being. This week I'll be using Yahoo! exclusively, unless I absolutely can't find what I'm looking for. Next week will be MSN's turn, and the following week I'll use Ask. During each successive week, if I am unable to find what I'm searching for, I'll use the next ones in line until I find what I need. At the end of the three weeks, I'll make a decision about which of the three worked best for me, and if at least one of them was "good enough", I'll make it my default search engine from here on out.

It's time to break away from the habitual use of Google, and give the other guys a real chance.

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5 Responses to “First Yahoo, then MSN (Live), then Ask”

  1. Andrey says:

    Let's imagine for a minute that you can't find what you are looking for on Yahoo. What would you use then? Google, or Ask?

    I tried it myself and to tell you the truth, you can't run from good results. Personally, I don't feel bad for using Google, it provides me with the best experience and so I use it. As soon as Yahoo, Live or Ask will give me the same quality of results, I'll switch.

    A lot of people are trying to make it seem like the only reason one uses Google is the brand. That is simply not true.

  2. DazzlinDonna says:

    As I attempted to explain (perhaps poorly), if I can't find what I'm looking for on Yahoo, I'll go down the line, first using Live, and then Ask. Google will be a last resort during this time period. And I may end up concluding that none of them are "good enough", but it's time for me to give them a real shot, rather than just using them as backups. My gut tells me I'll be satisfied with one of them, and my gut is usually right, but I won't know till I give it a try.

  3. Andrey says:

    Alright. Good luck and keep us posted :)

  4. earlpearl says:

    That is a great experiment, Donna.

    I'll be interested to read about the results.


  5. randfish says:

    I've been pretty happy with Yahoo!, but actually, my favorite search engine isn't a search engine at all – it's… Try it for a few things and you'll get totally hooked; I promise.

    Technorati is also a great engine – lots of "real people" stuff in there. :)