Friday Funnies: Crappy Programmer

by Tom Tsinas June 13th, 2008 

Thankfully, no programmer at SEP has been promoted

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Source: PC Weenies

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10 Responses to “Friday Funnies: Crappy Programmer”

  1. Toys says:

    HAHA, I've seen a few people in my time be "promoted" to documentation.

  2. In the outside world, it is called being kicked upstairs. I have seen some great worthies being given such kicks in my time!

  3. paulette says:

    Nice comic strip. It is very witty:)

  4. Top Rated says:

    Those who can't program . . . document? I may not be the greatest programmer, but I obviously wasn't the worst, as I never got the documenter job. Thank goodness!

  5. Paul Lee says:

    hilarious.. was going to pass around the office then i thought.. i better becareful

  6. Eva White says:

    Well such a promotion awaits some people I know as well.

  7. Vampire Bats says:

    this is quite a funny comic ! that guy looks scared out of his mind

  8. nice comic thanks for sharing.

  9. Wii Boy says:

    All the characters in the cartoon look far too normal to be programmers :)

  10. Eli Shapiro says:

    People who want to switch careers take note. This is yet another way of getting that done.