Friday Funnies: Link Bartering

by Tom Tsinas September 6th, 2008 

Friday Funnies: Link Barterer

Source: Smocco

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12 Responses to “Friday Funnies: Link Bartering”

  1. ps3 fan says:

    hahaha great!
    It's only the link sellers who are getting penalised though I suppose the buyer does too as he has paid money for a link but not got anything from it.

    I've cut down on link buying now though so I'm safe =)


  2. What a topical cartoon! And what a cast!!

  3. MOin says:

    oh thats really funny but a little hard to read. and these days link building is similar to conquering quarter world =/

  4. Hmm since when can you not buy links anymore? You mean because Google deducts pagerank for selling links?

  5. Metaspring says:

    Funny. I think I am going to check out is it? Bit hard to read i have to agree with Moin here.

  6. I have stopped buying links for nearly 2 years. Saved quite a lot of money and got us working harder to get natural links. – Rif Chia

  7. Utah SEO says:

    "Will work for links"

  8. Metaspring says:

    I think it would be much wiser for us to work on getting our own links.

  9. Eva White says:

    Links should be earned not bought is my philosophy. Although sometimes one might need to indulge.

  10. unoblogger says:

    I've heard mentions of google not encouraging links buying and selling… again don't you think bartering is of the same kind??

  11. its my first time to hear funny link bartering. very hilarious hehe

  12. kouji says:

    hilarious. 😀 wonder what i could get for a few bushels of rice. :)