Friday Funnies: Link Barterer

by Tom Tsinas September 6th, 2008 

Friday Funnies: Link Barterer

Search Engine Peoples Friday Funnies. Link Bartering

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5 Responses to “Friday Funnies: Link Barterer”

  1. Slingo says:

    Funny, but also sadly true. Honestly, I think Google needs to get away from counting links entirely. I've seen too many crappy sites, that rank well only because of links. They've created a real demon, and now don't know how to send it back to the pits it was spawned in.

  2. VMOptions says:

    Nice comic. :)

    I don't know Slingo. I think link popularity is here to stay. Google will just refine how it counts links maybe.

  3. Cute cartoon. I kinda like Microsoft's new concept of Browse Rank. This concept adds how long visitors actually stay at your site and other aspects that mean the site has quality.

  4. This is great. I agree with Slingo somewhat, they need to certainly change the model a bit. But this made me laugh.

  5. Thats a cool cartoon but very true

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