Friday Funnies: Regrettable Choice

by Ruud Hein April 11th, 2008 

OK, I'll admit it, I read the comments on YouTube...but I don't think there is any truth to the rumor that I inspired this Scott Johnson classic.

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Ruud Hein

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Ruud Hein

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4 Responses to “Friday Funnies: Regrettable Choice”

  1. Hehe I like it.
    And a very cool blog you got here. Looking forward to read more.

    Best Regards from Denmark :)

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  3. Utah SEO says:

    They'd have to put me in a straight jacket to keep me off YouTube.

  4. The Doug says:

    Ha ha ha! Yes, I'm a fan as well, and I've finally gotten a grip on whether or not to read the comments based on the merits of the actual video, ha ha.