Friday Funnies: Tech Savvy Parents

by Tom Tsinas August 29th, 2008 

A great tip for parents as the kids head off to school next week.

Friday Funnies: Tech Savvy Parents

source: Geek And Poke

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13 Responses to “Friday Funnies: Tech Savvy Parents”

  1. That's the kind of parent I'm going to be lol.

  2. Chris says:

    Ha ha, very funny, our ISP Virgin in the UK is not only shaping traffic but also being judge and jury about the content you access.

    My parents are pretty net savvy though!

  3. AZ Blogging says:

    Funny, very funny.
    My parents are not tech savy. Sorry i will never have such fun "live"

  4. I can well relate to this cartoon strip. So true and typical.

  5. Metaspring says:

    Good one. My mum would not know what access or traffic meant. In fact she would probably think that a hard drive is something that you may get arrested for :)

  6. SEO forums says:

    Thanks god my parents are not net savvy…..

  7. VMOptions says:

    My kids are in for trouble. I know all about filterting and monitoring. With some of the creeps out there, I would much rather be safe!

  8. Utah SEO says:

    hah, definitely not my parents.

  9. It is kinda hard to live a day without internet. I wouldn't cut off the internet access, however i may use kids surfing software to block certain type of unhealthy sites. – Rif Chia

  10. LOL, I can still remember how my parents "Shaped" my traffic when I use to spend more time online then doing homework.

  11. ps3 says:

    My dad is tech savvy and my mum is almost there.

    More time online than doing homework, that sounds familiar. If I cut off the internet it would only be for my children and not for me!


  12. ps3 fan says:

    Nice cartoon.

    If I cut off the internet I would make sure my connection was still fine!

    My dad's tech savvy and my mum is almost. It's a good thing though.


  13. ozgeekmum says:

    i have used the threat (and carried out temporarily):

    "I'll delete you from the wireless router".

    Couldn't get the Vista user profiles to restrict their access hours though, and that really annoys me.