Friday Funnies: The Last Judgement

by Tom Tsinas May 30th, 2008 

the last judgement

Source: Geek and Poke

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9 Responses to “Friday Funnies: The Last Judgement”

  1. spostareduro says:

    LoL! uh…i can't relate. *whistle*

  2. What a brilliant cartoon as its so true. If we need to know anything about someone we go and search them on the social networks.

  3. This joke wouldn't have made any sense to anyone a couple of years ago…classic example of the internet's increasing impact on our vocabulary….and lives!

  4. Top Rated says:

    I knew there had to be a good reason why everyone was twittering so much. I just didn't realize, it had such cosmic implications 😉

  5. Wii Boy says:

    God = Google just before an PR update!

  6. underworld says:

    lol looks like he's standing a flock of sheep!

  7. Another great cartoon. Its amazing how many people still woulnd;t get this where I live.

  8. It didn't get it until reading the comments.

  9. Eva White says:

    THat's all God needs now…an email account. Rather like that movie Bruce Almighty?