Friday Funnies: The Next Tweet

by Tom Tsinas October 3rd, 2008 

SEP Friday Funnies: The Next Tweet

Source: Geek & Poke

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16 Responses to “Friday Funnies: The Next Tweet”

  1. kouji says:

    hilarious. 😀 and yet something i can very much relate to. :O

  2. Metaspring says:

    "Sitting at my computer thinking about my next tweet" Yes exceedingly cool, LOL!

  3. Subtle and effective. Great cartoon! I simply love it.

  4. Utah SEO says:

    heh, reminds me of most people's first tweets. "tweeting" or "checking out twitter".

  5. iCalvyn says:

    a lot people are talking about tweet, but i still did not sign up an account there… kindda outdated

  6. Constant content keeps the reader coming back for more, the same goes for
    Rif Chia

  7. I attending Webmaster Jam this weekend in Atlanta and there was so much
    Twitter talk I have to get on it. Twitter this and twitter that. Your
    web identity – oh my goodness!

  8. This cartoon totally describes my life online… ouch.

  9. Danny Cooper says:

    Why didn't he just use the famous "mornin' all" – "afternoon all" or "night all"?!

  10. Eva White says:

    Its actually so typical. I can so identify with it.

  11. lol, I love it, I can compare with it in some respects!

  12. Buy My House says:

    This made me laugh out loud. Add a tinge of panic to this scenario, and writers block, and well, welcome to my world.

  13. iPod Fan says:

    I can definitely identify to this. Not personally but it sums up what some people do on twitter.

    There was an interesting story which tracks the number of times and duration this man uses his deodrant. Obviously they are taking the p**s out of how social networking has become and how connected people insist on being.

    People are forgetting the meaning of news.


  14. This image is quite entertaining, because it represents a twitter user as they might be. I know that there are quite a few individuals that can be sitting for a few minutes thinking about what to say to describe their current activity.

  15. I simply love this cartoon. It is so true and I think Twitter is going to get even bigger, better that will set everyone well..twittering.

    Peter Lee