Friday Funnies: Twitter Business Plan

by TheWis November 14th, 2008 

Friday Funnies: Twitter Business Plan

Source: Geek And Poke

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12 Responses to “Friday Funnies: Twitter Business Plan”

  1. Nice way to sign off for a week end! Makes you think this does!!

  2. JD Rucker says:

    This has always been my question. Where is the money? How are they going to get it going? Don't get me wrong – the service is great – but without enough money rolling in, can they really afford to maintain a labor of love?

  3. BJD TTHY says:

    yes i don't understand where you got many with twitter

    hahaah Friday funny

  4. Have same question with #BJD TTHY : I Try to understand how we make money with twitter. Read all over the net, I still don't get it. Hope soon I'll know better

  5. Heheheheh….celebrities are bound to draw loads of followers….

  6. Printer says:

    Revenue is SOOOO overrated! :)

  7. Madonna still doing it at that year and going strong while Britney just stayed there! :)

  8. You can make money with twitter? Didn't know about it. I have also been wondering how are they going to earn enough money to stay afloat.

  9. By the end of the day they will just stop brainstorming and publish some contextual ads on the site.

  10. Celebrities = Money. Get a t-shirt printed with Madonna face and you can also make some money.
    Rif Chia

  11. Just imagine how much money they could make if they monetized the "down for maintenance" page!

  12. LOL, this is great. I have gotten into one to many projects not knowing how i was going to make money on them. I guess it is my techie side coming out to solve an issue.