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Some pretty exciting news on this glorious January day… Google has announced that beginning this month, if your AdWords campaigns are targeting 'iPhones and other Mobile Devices', and your ad shows on such a device, your business phone number will display alongside your ad.

That isn't the cool part though, this is…your phone number will be Click-to-Call! As in someone looks for your business, comes across your ad, clicks on your phone number and they are now magically calling you. All for the same cost that a click would have incurred. Pretty awesome, I know.

Google launched a type of Click-to-Call service a few years ago, but it wasn't geared to mobile and it never gained any traction. This is all Mobile and as we've all heard, 2010 is the year of mobile. Good timing Google, good timing.

Now, how do you get this going?

A few simple steps: Within your Campaign Settings, you need to target iPhones and other mobile devices with full Internet browsers

Networks & Devices

Next, you need to enter the phone number you want people calling within the Locations section of your Campaign Settings


And that's it! Your phone number will appear as a 5th line to your ad and if you don't want people calling, simply remove your phone number from the settings page.

When you want to see the results, you can do so within the Campaign Summary tab of your account, under the Click Type segment option under Filter and Views drop down.

Filter View

So there you have it, a fairly big announcement from Google within the first week of what is to be the Year of the Mobile… Enjoy!

Tyler Calder

Tyler is VP of Client Strategy at Search Engine People Inc., one of Canada's largest and most trusted internet marketing companies. He also teaches a 12 week Search Engine Marketing course at the University of Toronto and the intensive 1-Day SEO and PPC courses for the IAB.

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6 Responses to “Google Announces Click-to-Call Ads on Mobile Devices with AdWords”

  1. Curt N says:

    I have heard of this! They will allow you to close your sales with a customer very easily from your ads. Admob was the first ones I have found that used this method, its good to see adwords taking the next step.
    .-= Curt N recently posted: Internet Business Providers – What Is The Rich Jerk Really Like? My Rich Jerk Review =-.

  2. immanuelruby says:

    It's a great new year gift from Google Adwords team. But I dont see this feature in my account. Is it available for all advertisers or only for US advertisers initially.

  3. toej says:

    Though I'm not a great techie I can understand the development of Google. They really bring technological evolution and make the world much smaller. You can now get anything at your desktop with the click of a button. Great news and thanks for sharing.

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  5. David says:

    Great news and thanks for the screenshots that help explain the steps to people wanting to ensure they are able to benefit from the new feature.

    Sometimes people can get lost in some of the AdWords screens looking for the correct settings so thanks for sharing it.
    .-= David recently posted: Marketing based in an ideal world begins =-.

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