How To Check Your Global Google SERPs Efficiently

by Dev Basu December 18th, 2007 


Credit: MirkoGarufi

Although Search Engine People has a fair share of Canadian based clientele, we also service the needs of many firms that are located overseas, and often more than half way across the globe. With Local SEO becoming more and more prominent, it's imperative that we track SERP rankings not only on Google (dot) Com but also on regional Google search engines. Obtaining reporting on natural search results across different geographies can be tedious and time consuming, especially when a particular client receives a significant portion of referral traffic from different regional Google search engines. However where there is a will, there is a way and with so many bright minds in the Search Marketing industry, a solution to 'optimize' the quandary couldn't have been far away.

Go Global With Google The Smart Way

I'm a big fan of optimizing everyday processes, and when I learned of Firefox extension that would help me obtain reporting on Google regional search results, I leapt for joy ( yes, that's how geeky I am ). The Google Global Firefox plugin integrates very nicely with the plethora of other Firefox SEO extensions I've installed, and for the most part operates perfectly as expected. Dave Davis from RedFlyMarketing has certainly made my life easier, and more enjoyable! Here's his description of what the Google Global Firefox extension does:

Google Global is an unobtrusive Firefox extension that allows you to see what the Google search results that you are viewing look like from different geographical locations. This is very useful if you want to compare organic search results in different countries or if you want to see how your AdWords PPC campaigns appear in different regions.

What The Goods Looks Like

As you can see from the screen shot above, you can easily shave off valuable seconds from your search rituals using this extension. Since it's a feature I'd be using a fair bit to track my client keyword SERPs, I've taken the time to create a customized button on my navigation bar that lets me select the regional search engine I want to target fairly easily.

Check Up on Your PPC Like a Pro

Aside from the obvious SEO application, the Google Global extension is an invaluable tool for looking up paid placement positions if a PPC campaign is being targeted in several countries. I know we all like video more than words, so check out Vittorio's video tutorial on how to do install and check up on your Adwords placements.

Now that was easy! Check out Dave Davis' RedFlyMarketing blog to download the Google Global Firefox Extension and read more about Dave's unique PPC marketing tips and tricks.

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13 Responses to “How To Check Your Global Google SERPs Efficiently”

  1. Dave Davis says:

    Thanks for the mention Dev, much appreciated. (stumbled and sphunn ;))

    If there are any features you think the extension needs, please let me know and I will certainly add it to the roadmap.

  2. G.Suvorov says:

    I recommend you use for keyword tracking, just trace your best competitors
    keywords and positions in SERP, they've done all the work allready :-).
    And try SeoQuake, seo toolbar. It can analyze anything you may need including keyword density on a page. – for Firefox. – for IE.

  3. SEO Canada says:

    I've found it just as easy to just add things like &gl=us &gl=ca to my Google results URL. I do have that firefox extension installed, but I just find using the keyboard quicker. Cheers.

  4. Do the organic results from other countries actually match what people in those countries would see? The last time I read about the gl parameter, it seemed that it only affected the ads and not the organic results.

  5. jonnyboy says:

    I tried to add this to my VISTA and latest Firefox, and no plugins show up. In fact, none of my firefox extensions work. Is this a problem with your control (probably not) – or VISTA w/Firefox?

  6. I use Vista 32bit & 64bit with Firefox and extensions with no issues :) Cheers.

  7. @Marios
    GL definitely changes the SERPs. I don't think it affects ADs at all, those are actual physical location. This is just a parameter for overriding SERPs. Cheers.

  8. Dev Basu says:

    @ JohnnyBoy – I've installed extension on Vista w/Firefox without any problems so far. I've also tested it on Windows XP and haven't had any problems either. Have you tried right-clicking after you have done a google search and selected the global search function from your menu?

    @ Marios – I'm inclined to believe it does and I'm confirming with a friend of mine in Brazil right now. Yes, it works for organic results :)

  9. Just a follow-up to my question about the GL parameter. Here's the Search Engine Land article that suggests the parameter affects ONLY ads.

    Maybe the functionality has changed since the article was published?

  10. SEO Canada says:

    Here is a good experiment. Google the term SEO Services, then add &gl=us and &gl=ca to your URL and you'll definitely see a difference in the SERPs.

  11. jonnyboy says:

    Yes, I have tried to install other extensions, including seobook tool and others. I think it may be a virus protection issue or something. I'll check further – since none of my plugins are working. I use the web developer plugin (must have!) – and that one doesn't work either.. hmm…

  12. Dev Basu says:

    @ Jonnyboy – Good luck with getting the plugin to work. Cheers — Dev

  13. Great extension. Very helpful.