Google's Official SEO Starter Guide

by Shockley Au October 5th, 2010 

Have you ever wanted to learn SEO? Are you in the search industry, but quite frankly haven't read anything search-related in awhile? Here's your chance to (re)visit some fundamental concepts of getting a site ranked in search engines.

Take a look at Google's latest official SEO Starter Guide, hot off the presses.

What it covers:


  • SEO Basics
  • Improving Site Structure
  • Optimizing Content
  • Dealing with Crawlers
  • SEO for Mobile Phones - NEW!
  • Promotions and Analysis

Is "tech-speak" not your strong suit? Don't worry; this starter guide is an easy read. It has colourful screenshots and images, and a glossary that defines basic and slightly more advanced terms.

There is also a "Best Practices" summary at the end of each section that highlights a few tips you can focus on.

SEO Starter Guide - Best Practices

Who Should Read This?

This is a good document to share with people who are new and not as familiar with SEO. It is also a good read for those who have been in the industry for a few years, but need a refresher on the subject.

Shockley Au

Shockley is an experienced digital marketing consultant, helping businesses succeed online through SEM/PPC, SEO, Social Media, and Web Analytics. He is certified in Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Bing Ads, and also blogs at State of Digital. Follow him on Twitter @ShockleyAu.

Shockley Au

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3 Responses to “Google's Official SEO Starter Guide”

  1. D Baker says:

    It is a pretty nice SEO guide but I don't think they are revealing any new content and I am not sure that they are telling you all you really need to know.

    After all, getting to the top rankings by simply creating great content is pretty much an impossible task and in any case, will take a very long time to achieve.
    .-= D Baker recently posted: SEO Ping Pong- All You Need To Know About Pingbacks =-.

  2. Shockley Au says:

    @D Baker: Thanks for your comment. You're right in that they aren't telling you everything you need to know in the Starter Guide, nor are they sharing any new secrets to automatically getting top rankings (they actually mention this in the intro).

    However, the guide could be useful for beginners, veteran SEOs who haven't been in Webmaster Tools in a while, or haven't yet learned how to handle mobile sites.

    It's also a good document to share to non-SEO teams, for them to get some insight into what goes on, or for best practices snippets straight from the horse's mouth. :)

  3. mercora says:

    hi,Shockley Au,dealing with the very best ratings simply by creating great submissions are virtually a hopeless task and regardless, will require an extremely very long time to attain.