Google Refuses to Finish

by Ruud Hein April 19th, 2007 

I'm already tired. Here we go again: Google has announced that it will, this Summer, release an presentation tool a la simplified PowerPoint.

Now the obligatory "we're not aiming this at Microsoft" statements and what not; and this is just the announcement that somewhere this Summer they will release it.

Hands up everybody who's waiting for an online presentation tool. I see one in the back, yes... ah, and there's another one. Oh wait, that's my dog.

Google should finish

Before fumbling around with other tools which half-way integrate, shouldn't they finish integrating the existing ones in Google Apps instead of users, including premium accounts, having to rely on some kind of weird workaround? Or should they first make the system more reliable?

How about increasing document and spreadsheet storage space for premium accounts? They now get a bit more email space but the exact same limitations you and I do for documents and spreadsheets.

Or how about finishing what you started before you buy yet another company? Or was the buy-out of Dodgeball an old school Microsoft move to remove competition simply by buying and discarding it? A tactic from the same bag of tricks they buy Microsoft executives with the way Microsoft used to buy a competitor's talent?

Google is as vocal as ever; "...we have nothing to announce at this time".


Ruud Hein

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Ruud Hein

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