Google SERPs jumble, tumble, rattle, and shake

by Donna Fontenot December 17th, 2004 

Reminiscent of the Florida shakeup last year, the Google SERPs are again going through a major update. The shakeup started yesterday, and has not yet settled across all datacenters. Like last year's Florida algo change, webmasters are reporting massive changes to search results. At least this year, Google played this little trick near the end of the Christmas season, so hopefully it will not affect businesses as badly as it did last year. Of course, things may change over the next few days or weeks, as this algo change does not yet appear to have stabilized, so if you have lost your rankings, do not make drastic changes just yet. Give the update some time to settle, then analyze the results. If anything obvious seems to have changed, I will report what I find.

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