By now we’re all familiar with Google Suggest and understand its value as an SEO tool and a guide for what search terms people are using and how they are finding you or your company on the web.

Google Suggest is an invaluable resource when it comes to online reputation repair as well. You will often times see that some of the more popular searches surrounding your name may involve words like “scam”, “reviews”, or “ripoff” but there are a few strategies to combat these SERPs and play them in your favor.

On-site Page Creations

One of the easiest things to do in the battle for your online reputation would be to build pages around the given search term on your own site.

Using the strength of your own site for your name provides you a quick win the search results for the given term and allow you to control at least one voice off the bat in the battle.

Build Exact Match Domain Websites

Creating exact match domains for the keyword phrases is another great strategy. When someone is looking for “your name reviews” or “your name scam” why not purchase up the exact match and control what is being written about you.

The best example of this was for the company VA Mortgage There was a search for “VA Mortgage Center Reviews” so what happened was they created the exact match domain website and posted up testimonials from previous clients. This allowed them to control part of the SERP for this given phrase and become a great resource for future customers.

Get Creative With Google Suggest

Sometimes there are some phrases you just don’t know what to do or how to combat them and this is where your creativity shines.

The most creative example I have heard was regarding a church which had a Google Suggest phrase involving the word “cult.” So what they did was create a “cult classic” movie review community. This strategy worked and helped them take over the search results involving the word “cult.”

Google Suggest is a very powerful and useful tool for the way individuals search online. When designing your online reputation management strategy, be sure to include those phrases that pop up and employ a few simple tricks to be on your way to a cleaner online rep.

Jay Buerck

Jay Buerck is the COO of an Online Reputation Management company and can also be found writing for Technorati, Google+ or followed on Twitter at @jaybuerck.

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  1. Oh no! You've inadvertently stepped into the debate of EMD effectiveness :-) I'm on the side of grabbing the common variations like "somethingsucks dot com", but not deploying anything until they're needed. I don't want to trigger their appearance before they're needed.