Google testing "Real-Time" images

by Tony Tie May 18th, 2011 

For a while there has been talk about Google's search evolving to include more realtime/newsworthy search results. After the move to include Twitter as part of its algorithm to streamline current events/chatter, it seems that Google's next move as part of the "realtime experience" is apparent in its image search as well.

This morning, after reading an article on the the Huffingtonpost about a Chinese video game that features US troops as enemies, I did a search for the video game. This yielded images with an inner box highlighting the time of when the image was uploaded. This is show users what images are recent, yielding newsworthy results.

This only works on newsworthy long tail keywords. For example, when "arnold schwarzenegger" is entered, Google does not yield recent photos. When searching for "arnold schwarzenegger scandal" and more recent photos are highlighted.

Search: "arnold schwarzenegger"

Search: "arnold schwarzenegger scandal"

Tony Tie

Tony Tie worked in the world of advertising and video production for a few years. He worked on many TV commercial campaigns before switching to the online industry. He currently works with many large international brands and agencies to strengthen their on-line presence. He is also the founder to THiNK Video - an explainer video company. Follow him on Twitter @tonytie

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