Google Webmaster Tools Sitemap Verification Troubles

by Donna Fontenot December 13th, 2006 

Suddenly, all my verification statuses have reverted to Pending and attempting to reverify just results in a message that "We are experiencing a large number of requests for verification. We'll process your verification request as soon as possible. Check back later for the status of the request." This recently happened to others, and it eventually fixed itself. I assume it will again. But it begs the question...Does this cause any other kind of problems or ranking issues?

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One Response to “Google Webmaster Tools Sitemap Verification Troubles”

  1. GeoffreyF67 says:

    The sitemap seemed to be more trouble than it was worth. I do like the other webmaster tools though and since I've found out that the list of links in the sitemap is inclusive and not exclusive (if it's not in there that doesn't mean your page won't be crawled) then it seems like it may be worth mucking about with in the future :)

    Hmmm…I'm tired and that sentence above isn't making much sense…the short answer is – no, it won't affect your ranking or cause any other problems.