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5 Responses to “How To Get 1 Million Twitter Followers in 7 Easy Steps”

  1. HighPoint says:

    Great post on the uses of Twitter for business. It's difficult for a SMB to duplicate the success (in number of followers) that these large brands can achieve, but the processes and techniques that Whole Foods uses can apply to any size business.

    Aside – I particulary like your linked post "Social Media on a Mission".

    Great article. Shared with my circle of influence!
    Chris Gragg
    .-= HighPoint recently posted: 2009 – a Year of Growth for HighPoint SEO =-.

  2. Lafate Smith says:

    To keep the followers, you certainly have to ensure that you are providing valuable content that is relevant and important to your followers or audience.

    However, the answer to "how to get followers" in Twitter, is: YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW PEOPLE. To get relevant followers or followers that are interested in what you have to say, you have to learn how to find people in your niche or who are tweeting about your subject matter. Then you have to learn how to follow and purge the non-followers in accordance with Twitter's guidelines so that you don't get your Twitter account suspended.

  3. Steps 2 through 7 don't make a hill of beans if step 1 is not there. The average Joe is not going to be able to get one million twitter followers.

  4. This is very helpful information for me because I sometimes in my day to day hustle forget to take the time to give back. When I have I get great results but to often get caught up in the "megaphone" part as apposed to the simple "lending an ear" part. Thank you for the reminder It will help keep me focused.
    p.s. I love the pictures that you used to describe, funny you placed the Dr Evil one, the title brought him to mind before I even got to the article lol
    thanks again

  5. There also seems to be a tipping point where your hard work really takes off with less work than at the beginning. Once a critical mass is built up of followers the rest just seem to fall into place.