It's "how to" day.

This is a tremendously easy way to see your Google Adwords Results in cities or countries where you're not located.

To see Google Adwords Results In Another Country:

Move there

Append the following code to the end of your query: url &gl=country iso code (ISO stands for International Orgzanization for Standarization -- why it wouldn't be an IOS code is quite beyond me, but I digress...). For the very curious, here's a listing of the various and sundry ISO country codes.

So, a search for dentists on Google becomes to show dentists in the UK.

To see Google Adwords Results In Another City:

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Append the country, region and city name to your search.

Search 1 - Dentists

Search 2 - Dentists in Canada

Search 3 - Dentists in Alberta, Canada

Search 4 - Dentists in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Ta da! Simple.

Okay, now you try it.

And have a great one!

~ The (SEP) Guy

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2 Responses to “How To See Your Google Adwords Listings In Other Countries and Cities”

  1. Interesting and useful tip. Does this method also affect the organic listings?

  2. The Doug says:

    How can you not love this tidbit of info! LOL