It's "how to" day.

This is a tremendously easy way to see your Google Adwords Results in cities or countries where you're not located.

To see Google Adwords Results In Another Country:

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Append the following code to the end of your query: url &gl=country iso code (ISO stands for International Orgzanization for Standarization — why it wouldn't be an IOS code is quite beyond me, but I digress…). For the very curious, here's a listing of the various and sundry ISO country codes.

So, a search for dentists on Google becomes to show dentists in the UK.

To see Google Adwords Results In Another City:

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Append the country, region and city name to your search.

Search 1 – Dentists

Search 2 – Dentists in Canada

Search 3 – Dentists in Alberta, Canada

Search 4 – Dentists in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Ta da! Simple.

Okay, now you try it.

And have a great one!

~ The (SEP) Guy