Internet Matchmaking is ready for Partnership

by Ron Kunitzky January 29th, 2009 

Usage in the online dating category might be down, but revenues are up. Why? Because most of the prominent sites are subscription based with members paying up to $30 a month to use their service. With advertising revenues dropping over the course of this year, any subscription based business that provides true value to their customers will be in better position to weather the storm ahead. Still, what most online dating sites have not done is developed a Partnership Strategy to acquire new customers or members aside from using traditional direct marketing channels and leverage other sites with large and relevant demographic profiles to do so. It starts with understanding who your demographic profiles are and looking to effectively target those users somewhere else. Here is a recent study from emarketer on who is using online dating sites:

Given that the demographic of online daters is now pretty evenly spread from 18-64, it does provide the online dating service provider with many options for partnership. Partnering with other sites to acquire a new customer by way of a special offer and promoting their proposition in return is certainly more cost effective than advertising on your own. I know that Lavalife is looking more and more in to this strategy - should be interesting to see how this plays out.

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10 Responses to “Internet Matchmaking is ready for Partnership”

  1. Utah SEO says:

    $30/month is way too much. I can't believe people pay that.

  2. I don't use online dating, but I would assume that services like this would be among the first hit – $30/mo back in your pocket is hard to pass up during times like this!!

  3. Ron Kunitzky says:

    It is pretty steep, yet some higher profile sites do charge that in some of their monthly plans.

  4. $30, as if people pay that! I thought these would be hit pretty hard to be honest.

  5. Ron Kunitzky says:

    They pay "up to $30" a month and some sites do have plans at that rate. There are free ones to. You can check out, for example. The level of service and matchmaking capability and interaction ranges from one site to the next.

  6. Swingers says:

    Well, one must realize that they are all giving up a certain amount of server load and bandwidth to "tease" the internet dater into the mouse trap. The join!

    Once the join happens, there are upsells all over the place. Now, from a business stand point, rock on…if you can upsell your existing customer base, power to you.

    The power of online dating has grown tremendously and from a partnership standpoint, dating sites will convert traffic that traditional sites may not be able to monetize for a variety of reasons.

    But I would negotiate with each prospective dating company you are entertaining and they will all cut deals based on volume and even conversion.

    The answer is always "No" unless you ask!"

  7. Swingers says:

    Also, if anyone needs to question weather or not Internet Matchmaking is ready for partnership or not…should check out a conference that's been around now for about 2 years called "iDate". It's thrown by a guy who gets the dating space and is seeing it grow exponentially.

  8. Once the join happens, there are upsells all over the place. Now, from a business stand point, rock on…if you can upsell your existing customer base, power to you.

  9. Some people are really paying that $30 just for online dating. Sounds different.

  10. Ilia - SEO says:

    If you take adult dating sites for example, they can afford to pay their affiliates up to $130 per signup so I guess $30 is very cheap for certain types of dating sites.