Introductions & Shameless Plugs

by The Guy January 30th, 2007 

It behooves a search engine marketing agency to have a blog; a means to reach the outside world with a point of view that is, if not always unique, then at the very least, somewhat current.

At, we are certainly a search engine marketing agency based out of that cold place way up north, or as we like to refer to it, Canada.  Toronto, Canada to be a little more specific. 

<--Shameless Plug> We offer our clients the requisite search engine marketing agency capabilities that include but are by no means limited to search engine optimization; paid search strategy, implementation and reporting; site usability and optimization; Internet marketing strategy, creative development, implementation and reporting.  Our clients span industries and and they span countries.  In coming months, we'll be launching some exciting and intriguing new products.  Afterall, what's a search engine marketing agency without a few tricks up its sleeves.  By tricks, I am, of course, referring specifically to white hat methodologies, standards, benchmarks and metrics.  So definitely stay tuned or drop us a line to find out what we're all about and what we have to offer new client prospects. <-- End Shameless Plug>

So who am I?  It's probably easier for all of us to just think of me as The Guy, much as Owen Meany was the Voice.  I am possessed of an opinion and at times I will speak on behalf of the company, at times I'll offer my 2.17 cents (CDN), at times I'll offer up commentary on good things in the industry and bad things in the industry.  At other times I'm sure I'll offer up commentary on good things about the search engines, and bad things about the search engines, individually or as a collective.  At yet other times, I'm sure I'll be called into my boss' office because I've mentioned a competitor I respect or a viewpoint he disagrees with.  We'll just have to wait and see.

So, about the commentary thing.  In the past couple of days, I've flipped through and read online a couple of industry classified sections and after all these years, it still surprises me how little focus is actually put on search engine marketing in this country.  This country being Canada.  Is it a lack of talent?  Lack of understanding?  Or is it lack of interest?

By the way, if you've got talent, we're hiring.  Call us at 1-877-486-7875.  It's toll free.  It's also free to send us a resume at

Thanks for getting this far.

     ~ The Guy

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