It's all about customer experience

by Ruud Hein May 29th, 2007 

When it comes to Canadians there's nothing you can do to better show your appreciation for the client than by providing solid service. Canadians are more than 20 times likely to be happy with good customer service than if you were to throw them a party.

That experience, that interaction with you and your site cannot be stretched enough. 84% of Canadians state that just one customer experience can make or break the relation with a company.

Let that sink in for a moment before you open a browser and try to use your site as if it was the first time.

Are you really delivering the optimal service, the optimal user experience?

If this was your one chance at establishing a relation, did you succeed?

* data powered by Ipsos market research

Ruud Hein

My paid passion at Search Engine People sees me applying my passions and knowledge to a wide array of problems, ones I usually experience as challenges. People who know me know I love coffee.

Ruud Hein

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