Its True … the Sphinn Awards are Coming!

by Dev Basu November 9th, 2007 

All the anticipation! All the hype! Well, yes its true ... the Sphinn Awards (aka the Sphinners) are coming.

The Sphinn Awards

For those of you not in the industry, the (Un-)Official Sphinn Awards recognize individual contributions from one of our favourite (yes the Canadian spelling) social watering holes (

For those of you in the industry, these presigeous awards are well ... urm ... awards. Some of the awards up for grabs include;

The Awards:
- The Tireless Reporter Award
- The Social Seduction Award
- Spread the Love Award
- The Fast Fingers Award
- The Frustration and Futility Award

And of course the 2 Big Ones;
- The Bulls-eye Award
- The Sphinner's Choice Award

When and Where:
- The awards ceremony will be broken down into 2 completely riveting Blog-casts. The first part right here on Search Engine People's blog and the riveting conclusion the very next day my good friend Dave's blog at Dave and I will of course be the MCs for the event, at least until we can afford someone with celebrity status, or Danny takes pitty on us and offers to MC himself (I'll make this my personal goal at Pubcon in Vegas).

The Sphinn Awards Part I; is right here on the SEP blog, Monday November 12 2007 (9am EST)
The Sphinn Awards Part II; on Tuesday November 13 (9am EST)

So join us here Monday morning at 9:00 am EST ... to see if you're a winner of one of these prestigeous awards!

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One Response to “Its True … the Sphinn Awards are Coming!”

  1. theGypsy says:

    You know I laugh longer and harder each time I look at the promos…. Some of the best bait comes easy don't it?

    I am pretty sure Danny won't mind, though he might steal our idea and start a REAL Sphinn awards….:0)

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