How to Build Authority with Social Media Video

by Rana Shahbaz November 17th, 2011 

This is the 1st video in the series of How to Build Authority with Social Media.

In this video I interview Jeff Quipp, the founder and CEO of Search Engine People.

Social media has given the chance to every business regardless of the size to leverage the social media tools and establish them as an authority in your niche.

In this video Jeff Quipp and I discuss:

  • What is authority
  • Why as a business you need to build authority first before asking for a sale
  • Why you should use social media tools
  • How to start building authority in your niche
  • 5 Steps formula to build authority

Do you have a question about building authority with social media? Feel free to ask your question in the comments section below.

Rana Shahbaz

Rana is an Internet Marketing Consultant and the founder of All Marketing Solutions. He is helping small businesses to create online visibility, build authority and get more leads using social media.

Rana Shahbaz - Internet Marketing Consultant

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6 Responses to “How to Build Authority with Social Media Video”

  1. Rosalia says:

    Hi Rana!

    Thanks for an amazing and informative video. Social Media marketing rules the internet marketing arena. I believe one who is equipped and acquainted with social media tools can achieve success quickly. Keep posting!


  2. John says:

    I liked the way the concept of authority in social media has been explained by Jeff. I got so much information from this video. Rana, I will surely wait for the next video of this series. Please update soon.

  3. Dan Thorley says:

    Hi Rana,

    Great post and video, I am really looking forward to the next part. There is so much confusion, not only about how to run a successful social media campaign, but also simply what social media is and isn't and the part it can play in marketing ones self as an authority in any niche.

    Alot of people start out using socail media for self promotion only and end up getting banned from some platforms, and yes I also learned that the hard way. Your video helps to develop a clear understanding of social medias role and potential.

    • Rana Shahbaz says:


      Thank you for checking out the video and sharing your thoughts.

      Stay tuned and I hope that up coming videos will help the minimise the confusion when creating your social media marketing campaign.