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Zarko Zivkovic

Zarko works as SEO strategist and link builder. He is the founder of Practical SEO Company and advanced SEO Strategist at Dejan SEO. He is also the chief editor and writer for Practical SEO blog.


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9 Responses to “Amazon $3 off Biore Products Coupon – Items as low as $2.99!”

  1. Leo Dimilo says:

    Community link building is seriously underrated because it takes time to integrate but I think that benefit of it is that not only do you get a "link" but you are getting out of the mindset of simply targeting keywords and doing what you should be doing; targeting an audience. The strategy is long term but the benefits go far beyond the land of bookmarks and backlinks that are easily attainable.

    • Zarko Zivkovic says:

      Hi Leo, you got it right, we are building links at will with communities but we are not targeting only SEO, in fact we are more concerned about the audience and connecting with the audience. And like you said, these are not low level links we are talking about, with regular commitment this can be traffic gold links.

  2. Linda Stacy says:

    Using roundups is an idea I hadn't heard before. And I need to explore some more Q&A sites. The one and only I tried some time ago didn't do much for me. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  3. Zarko says:

    Hi Linda, roundups can get you a great number of good links by just writing your quality content and networking, and like I said in the post pitching the idea when the time is right. Of course some people will recognize quality and link to you by their own will.

    As for Q/A sites, you can try Quora, Mahalo, Wiki Answers and LinkedIn Answers as well. This is a powerful way of setting yourself as authority, when you do people will want to find out more and they will visit your site. but if you manage to find questions that relate to some of the topics you answered on your site all the better. Or you can find some questions related to your market and write posts on that subject and than offer that as your answer, people have been doing that for years with great success.

  4. Dan says:

    Hey Zarko
    What is your take on link directories as part of an overall link building profile? Some are saying forget link directories, others are saying if you pick and choose and focus on the higher quality ones they will help with your IP diversity. What do you think? Do you still incorporate directories in a backlinking profile and if you had a new client come to you would that be an area you would look at for a fairly new website?

  5. Zarko says:

    Hi Dan,

    well yeah, I use directories, and like you said, for new websites, a few high quality and niche oriented directories simply can't hurt. I really don't understand why anyone would want to forget about any link opportunity type. No one is saying build links in thousands of directories, but going after the few valuable ones is a always a good idea.

    • Dan says:

      Ok, good to know. So the trick is finding and figuring out which directories are the ones worth taking the time to go after. I know SEOMoz is supposed to be updating their directory list but I haven't seen it yet. Do you happen to know any sources that could point me in the direction of some of the higher quality directories?


    • Zarko says:


      well SEOmoz has a solid list, but they haven't updated it in a long time. There was recently a post on SEOmoz about the benefits of having your site on the BBB directory, but this is a costly opportunity.

      You might want to list directories in your market and simply look at quality, look at SEOmoz metrics and find directories with high domain authority, that can work well.

      Here is a link of some of the directories you can use:

      But I suggest you find more and pick on your own, if you are not sure about authority as a metric then pick few random websites listed in those directories and see how they stand with their authority and rankings, that should give you more than enough to go on.

      hope this helps

  6. Mark kennedy says:

    Hi Zarko,

    Good post. Actionable posts are always my favorite kind. I hadn't thought of roundup, that's a good one. Also, we have been using "keyword" resources as a suffix as well to find good places for links to our best content. Fewer opportunities, but when you do find one it is sometimes pretty decent.

    And you are right, competition analyze with OSE and yahoo site explorer can really reveal some good link opps.